Ross Prairie


Czech Moravian Brethren Church, ca 1894

Now known as the Fayetteville Brethren Church
Rev. Jindrich Juren in center of doorway. Jan Hruska on right in doorway.
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Submitted by Lillie Mae Brightwell

Osveta School, ca 1905

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Submitted by Ruth Juren

Ross Prairie School Picnic, ca 1911

Photographed at the school under an oak near the church
Top Row: Otto Wachtendorf, Adolf Volcik, Ed Jecmenek, Richard Juren, Edward Halcik, Wm. Juren, Joe Weselka, Charles Juren, Bessie Juren, Louis Weselka, Joe Orsak, Frank Wecheta, Frank Jecmenek
Middle Row: Emilie Weselka, Francis Wecheta, Bessie Prasifka, Annie Jecmenek, Mary Dybala, Annie Hruska, J? Simick, Amalie Franta, Frances Orsak, Albina Franta, Daniel Juren, Emil Kubin
Bottom Row: Lucie Wecheta, Jan? Hrachovy, Mary Kramer, Annie Wecheta, Jenny Prasifka, H? Hrachovy, Rose Franta, Julia Dybla, Annie Kubin, Annie Jecmenek, Therese Franta, Albina Dybala, Christine Jecmenek
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Rev. Jindrich Juren

Rev. Juren served the Czech Moravian Brethren Church at Ross Prairie from 1876 to 1921 and also traveled to minister to many other congregations in central Texas.

Frances Schiller Juren

First wife of Rev. Jindrich Juren
All Juren photographs contributed by Ruth Juren

Sons of Rev. Jindrich Juren

Standing: William, Edward, Otto
Center: Daniel
Seated: Richard, Fred, Charles

August Gerhard Mueller (1855-1943),
son of Heinrich & Helene Thien Mueller,
& Louisa Maria Dirr (1853-1921)
Contributed by Collin Maney

Thomas Jecmenek Home

Edward Juren, Frances Jecmenek Juren, Cornelia Juren, Christine & Anna Jecmenek, ?, Thomas Jecmenek, Sr.
Submitted by Ruth Juren
Contributed by Collin Maney

From Fayette County, Her History and Her People by F. Lotto, 1902:

Old Settlers of Ross Prairie.
(Ross Prairie lies between Fayetteville and Ellinger.) Hinrich Eilers, born Nov. 24, 1820, in the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg. He came to Texas in 1845, lived at Warrenton two years and then moved to Ross Prairie where he lived continuously until his death Jan. 23, 1899. H. G. Cook, born March 12, 1824, in the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg. He came to Fayette County in 1845. He died at his old home in Ross Prairie March 16, 1880.Dietrich Hattermann came to Ross Prairie from the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg in 1845. He died at his old home.Henry William Luecke came to Ross Prairie from Westfeld, Hanover, in 1845. He died there two years after his arrival.Jacob Laferre was born in Germany Sept. 23, 1828. He came to Ross Prairie in 1847. Left for the gold fields in California in 1849, returning to Ross Prairie after an absence of several years, and lived there to the time of his death, Aug. 28, 1901.Joseph F. M. Sarrazin came to Cat Spring, Austin County, in 1834, from Westphalia. He moved to Ross Prairie in 1843 and lived there up to the time of his death. John H. Meyer settled in Ross Prairie in 1842. He came from Hanover and lived there until his demise.
John F. Meyer arrived from Hanover in 1850, settling in Ross Prairie and living there to the time of his death.
Henry Kurtz came to Ross Prairie from Germany in 1847. He died at Fayetteville in 1901.Other old settlers ___ Neimann, ___ Neumann, ___ Wacker, ___ Baumbach, ___ Sommer, Anton Sommer, G. Mueller, ___ Doni, August Beyer, ___ Girndt, ___ Zedlitz, and ___ Dirr.

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