Memorial to WWII Casualties
from Fayette County

Praha Veterans Memorial

Pfc. Robert V. Bohuslav

18 Oct 1922 - 3 Feb 1944

Son of Thomas Bohuslav

Killed in action in North Africa

Praha Catholic Cemetery


Pfc. Rudolf Barta

12 Jan 1919 - 16 Jun 1944

Killed in Action in France

Praha Catholic Cemetery

S/Sgt George D. Pavlicek

13 Sep 1916 - 7 Jul 1944

Killed in Action in France

Praha Catholic Cemetery

Pfc. Jerry R. Vaculik

21 Oct 1922 - 23 Jul 1944

Killed in Action in France

Praha Catholic Cemetery

Pvt. Josef Lev

12 Aug 1918 - 24 Jul 1944

Son of Emil J. Lev

Killed in Action on Luzon Island

Praha Catholic Cemetery

Pvt. Eddie V. Sbrusch

12 Oct 1919 - 7 Sep 1944

Son of Joe Sbrusch, Praha

Taken as POW at Luzon, Philippines, lost on Japanese transport sunk by American torpedo

Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines

Praha Veterans Memorial at Praha Catholic Cemetery

Pfc. Edward J. Marek

23 Sep 1917 - 26 Sep 1944

Killed in Action on Peleliu Island

Praha Catholic Cemetery

Pfc. Adolph E. Rab

13 Jun 1910 - 27 Dec 1944

Killed in Action in Italy

Praha Catholic Cemetery

PFC Anton Kresta, Jr.

25 Jul 1923 - 12 Feb 1945

Son of Anton, Sr. & Agnes Havel Kresta
Spent youth in Komensky Community
Enlisted March 1943, trained at Camp Wolters, Wichita Falls
Sent overseas December 1944
Killed in Action on Luzon Island, Philippines*

Praha Catholic Cemetery

Pfc. Erwin W. A. Schuetze

17 Dec1919 - 20 Mar 1943

93 Coast Arty

Son of Wm. Schuetze, Route 1, Muldoon; attended Abbotts Grove School

Entered Army 1941; trained at Camp Callan, CA; served in Hawaii; killed accidentally in Hawaii

Salem Memorial Cemetery

Pfc. Roy A. Ellis

17 Jun 1924 - 17 Oct 1944

337 Inf 85 Inf Div

Flatonia City Cemetery - Oak Hill

Photograph in uniform contributed by family

Roy Ellis was killed in action in the North Africa Area on October 17, 1944, and was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously. He was the youngest son of David Ellis and Rose Tresia Grittman Ellis.

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S/Sgt. Emil C. Minzenmeyer

May 25, 1911 - June 15, 1944

Co E 358 Inf 90th Div

Son of C. Minzenmeyer, Flatonia; attended Flatonia School

Entered Army 1942; trained in TX, CA, NJ; served in France; killed in action in Normandy, France; awarded GCM & Purple Heart

Flatonia City Cemetery - Oak Hill

Schulenburg Sticker
July 14, 1944

Sgt. Emil Minzenmeyer Killed In Action In France

Alfred Minzenmeyer of the Swiss Alp section received a telegram from the war department on last Friday morning, July 7, that his brother Staff Sgt. Emil C. Minzenmeyer had been killed in action in France on June 15. The telegram read: "The secretary of war desires me to express his deep regret that your brother Staff Sergeant Emil C. Minzenmeyer was killed in action on June 15 in France. Letter follows."

Emil had been in the service of his country since March 17, 1942. most of the time since being in the army he was stationed at Camp Barkeley, Texas. He was a member of the 385

Infantry of the 90th Division. He had been in England about 3 months before taking off for the coast of Franc with the invasion troops. It is believed that he was the first man from Fayette County whose death was announced in the invasion group.

Sgt. Minzenmeyer was born May 26, 1911 at Richland in Travis County. His parents passed away at that place and he was brought to Fayette County as an infant and had lived his life in this section up until the time that he was inducted into the army.

Surviving are six sisters and three brothers: Mrs. Ida Zimmermann of Round Rock, Mrs. Anna Zimmermann of Schulenburg, Mrs.

Minnie Ungerer of Flatonia, Mrs. Lillie Holz of Waller, Mrs. Marie Naumann of Gonzales, Mrs. Martha Bailey of Waco, Otto Minzenmeyer of Winters, Alfred Minzenmeyer of the Swiss Alp area and First Sgt. Paul J. Minzenmeyer who was at Puerto Rico for the past three and one-half years but whose whereabouts at present are unknown.

Memorial services for Sgt. Minzenmeyer will be held Sunday, July 16 at 10:30 a.m. at the Philadelphia Lutheran church at Swiss Alp.

We join the many other people of this community in offering our sincere sympathy to the bereaved in their great loss. May God comfort them in their deep sorrow.

F 1C Charles Martin Frierson Jr.

7 Nov 1925 - 29 Oct 1944

Son of Charles M. Frierson, Route 2, Flatonia; graduate of Flatonia High School

Entered Navy 1944; trained in CA; served in Pacific; killed in action on ship; awarded AP, PL Ribbons, GCM and Purple Heart

Flatonia City Cemetery - Oak Hill

Jessie Lozano

13 Dec 1925 - 23 Feb 1945

Flatonia Catholic Cemetery

Cpl. Alton D. Lueders

26 Apr 1923 - 11 Jun 1944

Son of B. R. Lueders, Muldoon; graduate of Flatonia High School

Entered Army 1943; trained in PA; served in New Guinea; died in California; awarded AP Ribbon & GCM

Pitman Cemetery, Muldoon

Tec 5 Alvin B. Lueders

June 4, 1921 - February 12, 1945

Tec5 8 Cav 1 Cav Div

Son of B. R. Lueders, Muldoon; husband of Mazie Hatfield; attended Cistern School

Entered Army 1942; trained in Arkansas; served in Admiraltys & Philipines; killed in action at Manila; awarded GCM, Purple Heart, AP Ribbon & 2 Battle Stars

Pitman Cemetery, Muldoon

Pfc. Claude Parker

16 Sep 1905 - 11 Jun 1944

Died in France

Pitman Cemetery

Pfc. Willie A. Charba

5 Aug 1922 - 21 Jun 1944

22 Inf 4th Inf Div

Cistern Catholic Cemetery

Pfc. Louis F. Wagner

25 May 1915 - 14 Jun 1944

359 Inf 90 Inf Div

Cistern Catholic Cemetery

1st Lt. James Oliver Marburger

19 Aug 1922 - 6 Aug 1944

Son of Arnold Marburger, Cistern; graduate of Breckenridge High in San Antonio

Entered AAC 1942; trained in TX, OK, & SC; served in Europe; awarded Air Medal, Purple Heart, 5 OLC & GCM; killed in Germany

Cistern Public Cemetery

Staff Sgt. Meinhardt W. Helmcamp

16 Dec 1917 - 17 May 1942

23rd Bomb Squadron

Son of F. Helcamp; husband of Viola Speaker; attended SWSTC

Entered AAC 1936; trained in Texas and Hawaii; served in USA and Hawaii; awarded Aerial Gunners Medal and Purple Heart; died at Wright Field, Ohio

Cistern Public Cemetery
Veterans' cemetery photos are courtesy of the Fayette Heritage Museum & Archives.
Some information and veterans' photos came from The Men and Women in World War II from Fayette County
compiled under the direction of Judge Ed Janecka and printed by Schulenburg Printing & Office Supplies in 1995.

* Additional Anton Kresta, Jr. information from Texas Veterans of Czech Ancestry,
published by Eakins Publishing Co, 1999, for the Czech Heritage Society of Texas.

If you would like to contribute a photograph of a veteran from Fayette County
who died while serving our country, please contact Rox Ann Johnson.


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