Memorial to WWII Casualties
from Fayette County

Pfc. John V. Muras

8 Feb 1925 - 23 May 1945

32 Inf 7 Inf Division

Son of Jos. A. Muras, La Grange; attended Hostyn & Mullins Prairie Schools

Entered Army 1944; trained at Camp Hood, TX; served in AP; killed in action in Okinawa; awarded AP Ribbon, Purple Heart & 2 Stars

Holman Catholic Cemetery


Spec 5 Ladik J. Osina

13 Oct 1921 - 11 Feb 1945

Son of John Osina, Holman; attended Pecan School

Entered Army 1942; trained in TX & NC; served in Europe; killed in action in Belgium; awarded Purple Heart

Holman Catholic Cemetery


Pvt. Ivan E. Mazoch

7 Oct 1917 - 13 Jul 1942

Son of Joe Mazoch, Holman; attended Holman School

Entered Army 1942; died in Washington

Holman Catholic Cemetery


Method Cyril Janacek

20 Sep 1921 - 20 Oct 1944


Ammannsville Catholic Cemetery

Pfc. Lawrence L. Herzik

23 Nov 1925 - 21 Jul 1945

Pfc Cml Mortar Batallion

High Hill Catholic Cemetery

Tec 4 Herbert L. Kainer

24 Sep 1919 - 11 Nov 1944

Tec 4 9 Armd Inf Batallion
6 Armd Div

High Hill Catholic Cemetery

Sgt. Victor J. Berger

4 Mar 1914 - 8 Sep 1944

319 Inf 80 Div

Son of Ferdinand A. and Christina Bednarz Berger, High Hill; attended St. Mary School and public high school at High Hill

Entered Army July 27, 1942; trained in CA, AZ, TN & KS; sent to Europe July 1, 1944; killed in action in France; awarded Purple Heart

High Hill Catholic Cemetery
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Pfc. Emil E. Knesek, Jr.

9 Jan 1924 - 24 May 1945

307 Inf 77 Div

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Cemetery

Sgt. Erwin E. Tengler

15 Jan 1922 - 20 Jun 1944

748 AAF Bomb Sq

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Cemetery

See article about reinterrment

Staff Sgt. Carlton E. Knezek

28 Oct 1921 - 14 Dec 1944

23 Q. M. Port H. Q.

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Cemetery

Sgt. Ivan A. Rainosek

24 Aug 1914 - 23 Oct 1944

Co B 339 Inf
Missing in Action

Son of Anton Rainosek, La Grange; husband of Marcella Lednicky; attended La Grange High School

Entered Army 1942; trained at Camp Shelby, MS, AZ, & NJ; served in Africa & Italy; awarded GCM, ET Ribbon & 3 Battle Stars, Com. Inf. Badge & Purple Heart; killed in action near Pianoro, Italy

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Cemetery

Pvt. Erwin J. Cordes

19 Mar 1926 - 17 May 1945

307 Inf 77 Div

Schulenburg City Cemetery

Emil W. Mladenka

3 Aug 1915 - 12 Jun 1944

Son of Emil Mladenka, Sr.

Volunteered for service in the army on April 9, 1941. He was stationed in San Antonio, Freeport and Wisconsin, prior to being sent overseas in September 1943. Killed in invasion of Normandy, France

Reinterred on 25 Jun 1949
St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery
St. John

Schulenburg Sticker
24 Jun 1949

Body of War Veteran to Be Reinterred At St. John

The body of Pfc. Emil Mladenka, Jr., World War II veteran, who was killed in France on June 12, 1944, will arrive in Schulenburg on the noon train, Friday, June 24th.

Funeral services will be held on Saturday, June 25, at 8:30 a.m. at the St. John Church. Reinterment will be in the St. John Cemetery. Rev. Anthony Matula will officiate.

Recitation of the Rosary will take place on Friday night at 8 o'clock.

Emil was born at St. John on August 3, 1915. He attended the St. John School and was reared in that section. Previous to his army career, he was employed in Dallas.

In September of 1943, he was sent overseas to New Ireland for eleven months. He took part in the invasion of France, where he was killed on June 12, 1944, having served over two years in the armed service. At the time of his death he was nearly 26 years of age.

Survivors include his father, Emil Mladenka, Sr., of near Engle; four sisters, Mrs. Jake Kopecky and Mrs. Julius Jurek, of Schulenburg; Mrs. Eddie Jurek, of Galveston and Mrs. Fred Jurek, of Dallas.

Pvt. Eddie E. Valicek

US Army

1920 - 2 Jan 1943

Son of Frank & Carolina Valicek

Killed in action in New Guinea

Reinterred on 27 Apr 1949 at
St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery
St. John

Schulenburg Sticker
26 Feb 1943

Killed in Action

Frank Valicek received a telegram from Washington, D.C., on last Thursday afternoon, Feb. 18, 1943, from the war department advising him that his son, Pvt. Eddie E. Valicek, had been killed in action in the Southwest Pacific area on January 2, 1943.

Eddie was 23 years of age. He entered the army about a year ago and was sent to the Southwest Pacific in March of last year. The last letter that his parents received from him was written about the middle of December. The family is of the impression that he was in New Guinea.

As far as we know, Eddie is the first Schulenburg man to be killed in action, but not the first casualty.

Surviving to mourn the loss of this young man are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Valicek; five brothers, Pvt. Felix Valicek, Willie, Jim, Daniel and Eugene Valicek, two sisters Helen and Willie Mae Valicek.

Felix is serving with the armed forces with an APO address in care of the Postmaster, New York. Willie and Jim have both registered and may enter the service at any time.

To the bereaved parents and other relatives we join their many other friends in offering our sincere sympathy in their great loss.

Pfc. Alfons J. Orsak

30 Jul 1912 - 6 Sep 1944

362 Infantry

St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery
St. John

Schulenburg Sticker
20 Oct 1944

Pfc. Alphonse J. Orsak Killed in Action in Italy

Pfc. Alphonse J. Orsak, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Orsak of the St. John section was killed in action as of September 16, the family was advised by the war department on Monday of this week.

Alphonse had not been overseas very long and it was on August 15, that he and his brother Richard , stationed some place in Italy got to see each other for the first time in many months. He was in the infantry.
Surviving are his parents, two sisters, and three brothers. No further details were available as we go to press.

S/Sgt Julius Peter Vasek

21 Oct 1919 - 23 Apr 1945

Son of Peter Vasek, Schulenburg; attended Schulenburg High School

Entered Army 1942; trained in TX & MD; served in Italy; killed in action in Italy

St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery
St. John
Schulenburg Sticker
11 May 1945

Sgt. Julius Vasek Dies of Wounds Received in Italy

Last Saturday afternoon, May 5, 1945, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vasek of the St. John section received the following telegram from the War Department:

"The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret that your son, S. Sgt. Julius Vasek died of wounds in Italy on 23 of April, 1945. Confirming letter follows.
J. A. Ulio, Adjutant."

Julius, who was known to most everyone of the community, entered the services of his country on May 18, 1942. He was stationed at Camp Wolters and at Camp Meade, Maryland in this counrty as a cook before going oversears. When he arrived in Italy he was made a Squad Leader in the 1st Armored Division of the American Fifth Army.

While here and before entering the army he worked for William Hajek and at some other places here in town. He was a member of the St. John Catholic Church and attended the St. John School. He had talent as an artist but was unable to follow his early training. At the time of his death, he had reached the age of 25 years.

Surviving are his grief stricken parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vasek, two brothers, Jerome of Schulenburg, and George at home and one sister, Mrs. Fred Hermis of Schulenburg.

We extend our sincere sympathy to the bereaved relatives.

Schulenburg Sticker
Thurs., 1 June 1995


1ST LT FRANK W. HERZIK born in Schulenburg Nov. 28, 1918; killed in action March 3, 1944; marker in the Schulenburg City Cemetery.

S/SGT CARLTON E. KNEZEK born in Schulenburg Oct. 28, 1921; killed Dec. 14, 1944 in New Guinea; marker in St. Rose Cemetery.

S/SGT GEORGE D. PAVLICEK born in the Komensky-Engle area Sept. 13, 1917; died of injuries in France, July 7, 1944.

RM/3 CL THOMAS C. BAUMGARTEN born in Schulenburg; was in Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941; lost at sea June 11, 1942.

S/SGT MEINHARDT W. HELMCAMP born in Cistern Dec. 16, 1917; died of pneumonia in US May 17, 1942; buried at the Cistern cemetery.

LT GRANVILLE W COWAN member of Adm. Halsey's fleet; missing in action Aug. 10, 1945.

ENS ERNEST A BOSL JR. born in Temple Jan. 25, 1918; grew up in Schulenburg; assigned to the Liscombe Bay, which was torpedoed and sunk.

PVT EDDIE SBRUSCH born Oct. 12, 1919 near Praha; prisoner on Japanese ship that was sunk Sept. 7, 1944; marker at Praha cemetery.

PVT ERWIN J. CORDES born near Freyburg March 19, 1926; killed May 17, 1945 in the Ryuka Islands; marker in the Schulenburg City Cemetery.

SGT IVAN A. RAINOSEK born at Hostyn Aug. 24, 1914; served in the Africa and Italy campaigns; killed in action near Pianoro, Italy Oct. 23, 1944; marker in St. Rose Cemetery.

PFC EMIL E. KNESEK JR. born on Rt. 5, Hallettsville Jan. 9, 1924; died of wounds received on Okinawa May 24, 1945; marker in St. Rose Cemetery.

SGT ERWIN E. TENGLER born near Schulenburg Jan. 15, 1922; served as a waist gunner; reported missing in action June 20, 1944; marker at St. Rose Cemetery.

PVT HERMAN J. HEINRICH born near Schulenburg; killed in action Mar. 9, 1945 at Iwo Jima.

S/2 CL METHOD C. JANACEK born near Ammannsville Sept. 20, 1921; reported in action Oct. 20, 1944; marker in St. John the Baptist Cemetery.

PFC JERRY R. VACULIK born near Engle Oct. 21, 1922; served with the infantry and was killed in action in France July 23, 1944; marker in St. Mary's Cemetery, Praha.

PFC ROBERT V. BOHUSLAV born in Praha Oct. 18, 1922; killed in action in North Africa Feb. 3, 1944; marker in St. Mary's Cemetery, Praha.

PFC ADOLPH E. RAB born in Praha June 13, 1910; killed in action in Italy Dec. 27, 1944; marker in St. Mary's Cemetery, Praha.

PFC RUDOLPH L. BARTA born in Praha Jan. 12, 1919; killed in action in France June 16, 1944; marker in St. Mary's Cemetery, Praha.

PFC ANTON KRESTA JR. born in Praha July 25, 1923; killed in action on Luzon Feb. 12, 1945; marker in St. Mary's Cemetery, Praha.

PFC JOSEPH LEV born in Praha Aug. 12, 1918; killed action [sic] on Luzon July 24, 1944; marker in St. Mary's Cemetery, Praha.

PFC JOHN V. MURAS born in Praha Feb. 8, 1925; served with the 23rd Infantry, 7th Division; killed in action May 23, 1945; marker in St. Mary's Cemetery, Praha.

PFC ERWIN W. SCHUETZE born in the Freyburg area Dec. 17, 1919; served with 93rd Coast Artillery; accidentally killed in Hawaii March 20, 1943; marker in Salem Memorial Cemetery, Freyburg.

CPL NOLAN F. KALICH born in Freyburg area Dec. 22, 1914; died Dec. 3, 1943 in a Japanese prison camp; marker in Salem Memorial Cemetery, Freyburg.

T/SGT MELVIN E. HERTEL born in Freyburg area; served as a radio operator/gunner; reported missing in action on 16th mission over Marseilles, France in 1943.

SGT VICTOR J. BERGER born March 14, 1914 near High Hill; served with the 319th Infantry, 80th Division; killed in action in France Sept. 8, 1944; marker in St. Mary's Cemetery, High Hill.

PFC LAWRENCE J. HERZIK born Nov. 23, 1925 in Schulenburg; served in Philippines; died in drowning accident July 21, 1945; marker in High Hill cemetery.

TEC-4 HERBERT L. KAINER born near High Hill Sept. 24, 1919; killed in action in France Nov. 11, 1944; marker at High Hill cemetery.

PVT EMIL W. MLADENKA born in Schulenburg Aug. 3, 1915; killed in action in France June 12, 1944; marker in St. John's cemetery.

PVT EDDIE E. VALICEK born in Schulenburg area; killed in action in Southwest Pacific area Jan. 2, 1943; was the first from Schulenburg to be killed in action during World War II.

PVC ALPHONSE J. ORSAK born July 30, 1912 near St. John's; served with the 362nd Infantry; killed in action in Italy Sept. 16, 1944; marker in St. John's cemetery.

S/SGT JULIUS O. VASEK born near St. John's Oct. 21, 1919; died of battle wounds received in Italy April 23, 1945; marker in St. John's cemetery.

CPL ANTON J. OLSOVSKY served overseas for more than 23 months; died of wounds received in France July 15, 1944.

PVT MARVIN G. CHUDEJ born near Moravia Sept. 22, 1924; killed in the Battle of Tarawa Nov. 20, 1943; marker in Moravia cemetery.

PFC HUGH CARROLL born in Schulenburg; reported killed in action in Bougainville April 28, 1944.

CPL LADIK J. OSINA born Oct. 13, 1921; served in US Army and died Feb. 11, 1945; marker in Holman cemetery.

PVT IVAN E. MAZOCH born near Holman Oct. 7, 1917; died of yellow jaundice in training camp in Washington July 13, 1942; buried in Holman.

PVT RUDOLPH DITTRICH died in World War II; buried in the National Cemetery at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio.


Newspaper article contributed by Matt Cross
Veterans' grave marker photos are courtesy of the Fayette Heritage Museum & Archives. Some information and veterans' photos came from The Men and Women in World War II from Fayette County, compiled under the direction of Fayette County Judge Ed Janecka and printed by Schulenburg Printing & Office Supplies in 1995.

If you would like to contribute a photograph of a veteran from Fayette County who died while serving our country, please contact Rox Ann Johnson.


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