Bittner Cemetery

On some maps this cemetery is incorrectly labelled as the Bictner Cemetery.

1.8 miles southeast of Holman off FM 155

29°46'19"N 96°47'17"W

This burial place for the Charles Bittner family is just out of view from FM 155. There are ten markers, including one for Bittner's father, Andreas, enclosed in an iron fence. It's interesting to note that there is a grave stone for Albert Seydler, 5 Dec 1865-7 Jul 1893, both here and also in the Mulberrry Cemetery.

From A Visit to the Holman Valley, copyrighted 1996, with the permission of the author, Norman C. Krischke:

Andreas Bittner and his children, his wife had died, were part of the immigration of Wends to Bastrop County in January 1855 where the Wends established the town of Serbin west of Warda which is in Fayette County. They spelled the family name "Buettner" at that time.

Five hundred and eight eight Wends left Europe during the first week in September 1854. They traveled by rail to Hamburg, Germany and then, about 11 September 1854, to Hull, England. From there they went by rail through Manchester to Liverpool. They departed Liverpool 26 September aboard the sailship "Ben Nevis", a ship of the Valentin Lorenz Meyer Ship Line, Captain W. Haron, Master. They stopped at Queenstown, Ireland on 30 September because there was an epidemic of cholera aboard ship. John August Bittner, born 1851, son of Andreas, died at Queenstown 19 October 1854. They departed Queenstown 22 October and landed at Galveston, Texas 16 December 1854.

The group which settled in Bastrop County traveled by foot and ox cart to their final destination. They established the town of Serbin and two churches, St. Peter's and St. Paul's.

Among those who settled at Serbin were the Bittner family consisting of Andreas Bittner, the father, born 15 February 1802, cottage owner in Wartha, Saxony, and his children: Marie Magdalena, born 1835; Carl August Michael born 1842, Agnes born 1844 and Caroline born 1847. Andreas and Carl August are buried in Bittner Cemetery.

Charles A. M. Bittner purchased 285 acres of land from John T. Holman for $3127.00 14 January 1881 according to Fayette County Deed Book 17, Page 22. Forty-four acres were in the Jesus Gomez Survey, fifty-four acres in the Wm. M. Eastland Survey and 187 acres in Henry Austin's "Hacienda" of five leagues. The Bittner Cemetery is part of the 187-acre tract.

The cemetery is located 1.8 miles southeast of Holman, Texas off FM 155 and immediately west of the residence of Charles Becak, 5041 FM 155. The entrance to the Becak home is six-tenths of a mile southeast of Roper Creek and 2 1/2-tenths mile northwest of St. Paul Creek.

The tombstones are enclosed in a rusty, ornate, cast-iron cemetery fence which is 50 feet X 49 feet. There is a gate on the north side.







Bittner, Albert

28 Nov 1911

28 Nov 1911

Son of Chas. Bittner & Marie Freis


Bittner, Charles, Jr.

28 Oct 1872

9 Mar 1933

Son of Chas. Bittner & Magdalena Billimek; married Marie Freis 2 Jan 1895


Bittner, Andreas

15 Feb 1802

29 Apr 1892


Bittner, Charles A. M.

29 Sep 1842

2 Apr 1916

Son of Andreas Bittner; married Magdalena Billimek 3 Dec 1866


Bittner, Magdalena

4 Apr 1844

6 Aug 1928

Nee Billimek, married Chas. A. M. Bittner


Bittner, Ida

1 Nov 1870

5 May 1927

Daughter of Chas. A. M. Bittner & Magdalena Billimek


Bittner, Rosa

10 Aug 1869

3 Sep 1889

Daughter of Chas. A. M. Bittner & Magdalena Billimek; first grave in cemetery


Stavinoha, Lillie F.

10 Mar 1882

22 May 1910

Daughter of Chas. A. M. Bittner & Magdalena Billimek; married Ladin Stavinoha 26 Oct 1903


Heller, Emma

6 Feb 1878

1 Jan 1914

Daughter of Chas. A. M. Bittner & Magdalena Billimek; married John P. Heller 22 Feb 1898


Seydler, Albert

5 Dec 1865

7 Jul 1893

Weimar Mercury
17 Jul 1914, page 5

Mr. Chas. Hollien, the tombstone man, last week erected a handsome monument at the grave of Mrs. Heller, daughter of Chas. Bittner Sr., and wife, at the family burying grounds on the Bittner farm, a few miles north of town.