New Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Cemetery

Near Fayetteville

This cemetery is west of Fayetteville on Burnside Road, 1.1 miles west of State Highway 159. The new Spring Hill Missionary Colored Baptist Church Cemetery is located about one-half mile east of the original cemetery. Between 1973 and 1974 the Lower Colorado River Authority of Austin purchased land in Fayette County for the construction of the Fayette Power Project. Several cemeteries were in the boundaries of the project acreage. All the affected burials were disinterred and moved to new sites. Descendants of the deceased were contacted and signed permits were obtained to allow the work to proceed.

The new Spring Hill Missionary Colored Baptist Church Cemetery was established by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) on April 16, 1975 upon purchase of 2.3 acres of land from Edward Sarrazin for the specific purpose of relocating all graves in the old cemetery. The remaining trustees of the Spring Hill Missionary Church, Coy & Saulsbury Gates, worked with the LCRA to move this site. 123 graves were located, seventy with a marker of some type and 53 graves without markers. All 123 graves were moved to the new site with the exception of Garrett Wormley who was moved to the La Grange Black Cemetery, Lot 203.

The following inventory comes from Biegel Settlement, copyrighted 1999, with the permission of the author, Norman C. Krischke. More information about the cemetery is included in the booklet, including the condition of the graves at the time the bodies were exhumed. Krischke researched the Fayette County Death Records to enhance the history of the people buried here. Unfortunately, many of the names and dates were not available. The cemetery area is overgrown in high weeds and brush.


Burre, Carrie

Caldwell, Amelia, died 3 Feb 1919

Caldwell, Curley Lee, died 30 Aug 19?8

Caldwell, Frances, died 27 Dec 1933

Caldwell, Israel, 14 Jun 1885 - 18 Nov 1925, son of Samuel and Colie Caldwell

Caldwell, Israel, died 23 Mar 1933

Caldwell, Judy

Caldwell, Sany E., 1855 - 29 May 1927, daughter of Saulsbury and Polly (Gates) Caldwell, died of intestinal obstruction, born a slave

Caldwell, Amelia

Chandler, Adeline, 14 Mar 1856 - 17 Apr 1926, father was Marshal King, born a slave

Cooper, Albert, died 26 Oct 1904

Cooper, Polly

Drake, Bessie

East, Ida Simmons, died 1900, married James East 19 Apr 1888

East, John Henry, 7 Feb 1889 - 7 Dec 1920, son of James and Ida (Simmons) East, died of softening of the brain

East, Ned Jr., 10 Oct 1892 - 15 Apr 1934, son of James and Ida (Simmons) East, died of leaking heart and indigestion, wife's name was Emma

East, Pearly, 1887 - 19 Jan 1906, died of blood poisoning

East, Vastine, 11 Jan 1898 - 27 Feb 1932, son of James and Ida (Simmons) East, married Beatrice Chandler 29 Sep 1924, died of diabetes

Fields, Millie, died 6 May 1905

Gates, Alice Mae, 9 Dec 1944 - 13 Dec 1944, daughter of Coy and Jennie Mae (Wilkerson) Gates

Gates, Edmond, 3 Jun 1869 - 13 Sep 1955, married N. Tally 12 Oct 1891, died of old age

Gates, Howard

Gates, Lee Curley

Gates, Minerva Banks, 10 May 1875 - 17 Oct 1949, daughter of Ned Talley and Lizie Hobson, died of cancer

Gates, Pearly

Gates, Polly

Gates, Robert

Hill, Daniel, (Daniel and Delsey were slaves of Asa Hill and were buried in the Hill Family Cemetery. It was customary for slaves to have only a given name. When the Emancipation Proclamation was issed 1 January 1863, freed slaves usually took the family name of their former master.) [Asa Hill and his son were reinterred at the Old La Grange City Cemetery.]

Hill, Delsey, former slave of Asa Hill

James, James Henry

James, Joseph

Jefferson, Pearly, 7 Apr 1904 - 22 Feb 1943, father was Ben Burr and mother was Carry Usher, died of pneumonia

Johnson, Henry, died 23 Jan 1923, married Mary Wilkerson 16 Nov 1887

Johnson, I. V.

Johnson, Mary, died 2 May 1912, may have been a child

Johnson, Solomon,

Jones, Jim, 1 Feb 1866 - 5 Mar 1950, son of Bill Jones and Sarah Smith, died in sleep of old age

King, Frank, small child

King, Isabella, 1880 - 30 Jun 1929, daughter of Poke Washington and Minerva Washington, died of heart disease

King, Nelson

Martin, Kat

Martin, Katy Lou

Martin, Robert, 1869 - 13 Nov 1936, son of Pete Martin and Violet Jarmon, husband of Katie Martin, died of pneumonia

Martin, Willie

Pearsall, Mary, 17 Sep 1839 - 27 Jun 1923, born a slave, daughter of C. and Silva Pearsall, widowed, died of old age, "Aunt Puss"

Ray, Sarah, 1841 - 26 Nov 1940, daughter of C. Smith, widow, died of old age at 99 years of age

Royal, Lucy, 1864 - 9 Sep 1925, father was Pat James, widow, died of heart disease

Royal, Samuel, 10 Mar 1893 - 28 May 1926, son of Jim and Lucy Royal. He was killed by wounds received by pistol shots in the hands of either C. A. J. Meyer or Leslie Meyer in self-defens as they were protecting the general public's safety. Sam Royal was a preacher and "was believed to be of unsound mind for some time." [The incident was described in The La Grange Journal, 3 June 1926.]

Sanders, Sarah

Satterfield, Frank, died 24 Feb 1938

Scott, George, 9 Jan 1869 - 22 Jan 1941, son of Perry and Martha (King) Scott, died of pneumonia

Simmons, Chanie

Simmons, Frank, died 1896

Simmons, James Henry

Simmons, Jerome Henry, 1876 - 5 Feb 1934, son of West and Lottie (Cook) SImmons, died of cancer

Simmons, Katy, died 16 May 1921

Simmons, Omia

Simmons, Scott, died 26 Sep 1926

Simmons, Tom, died 1926

Simmons, Will

Simmons, Willie, died 1927

Tally, Frances, 22 Jan 1875 - 16 May 1937, daughter of Louis Scott and Polly Caldwell, wife of John Tally, died of cancer

Tally, John, 16 Jun 1871 - 7 Jan 1939, son of Ned Tally, husband of Frances Tally, died of heart diseas

Williams, Essie Mae, 10 Sep 1921 - 12 Dec 1942, daughter of Jimaie and Pearl (Burs) Jefferson, married Norsie [Norris?] Williams 29 May 1937, died of knife wound inflictd by her husband [Incident described in The La Grange Journal, 17 December 1942]

Wormley, Abe

Wormley, Angeline, died 1923

Wormley, Sherman

Wormley, Viola, 1 Apr 1880 - 7 Jul 1946, daughter of Pack and Minerva (Usher) Washington, wife of Williams Wormley, died of heart disease

Wormley, Williams, 3 Jan 1870 - 12 Feb 1958, son of Abe and Nora (King) Wormley, husband of Viola (King) Wormley

Fifty-three graves without markers were moved to the new cemetery.



Lena Anderson, 22 years old, died 1 Mar 1931, daughter of Willis G[?] and Jane [? has a death certificate showing place of burial as Spring Hill Cemetery