Old La Grange City Cemetery


The following markers in the Old La Grange City Cemetery were photographed by Stacy N. Sneed and transcribed by Connie F. Sneed:

Mattie Moore
Died 1871
Lockey C. Moore
Died 1868
Miss S. C. Hill
Nov. 14, 1814 Feb. 19, 1881
Mrs. B.E. Moore
March 27, 1840 - 1874
(same marker as Miss S.C. Hill)
Bruno Willenberg
Oct. 16, 1856 - June 12, 1884
Emma Willenberg
July 8, 1865 - June 14, 1946
Chas. Uhrbach
Died Oct 1807 (probable transcription error)
S. Uhrbach
Died Sept. 24, 1867
C. Uhrbach
Died Sept. 24, 1867
Hier Ruht
Georg A. Eckel
[died in 1867]
Martha Elizabeth Harwell
June 27, 1835 - July 14, 1882
"As a wife devoted; as a mother affectionate as a friend ever kind and true; in life she exhibited all the graces of a christian in death her redeemed spirit returned to God who gave it"
Rev. James H. Wiseman
April 29, 1856 - May 25, 1924
United Methodist Minister
Mary Sealy Wiseman
Sept. 29, 1862 - Sept. 18, 1941
Asa Hill
c. 1784 - c. 1845
Veteran of the TX Revolutionary Army and the Battle of Mier.
His son
Dr. Greeen Washington Hill
Remains removed in 1975 from family plot beside Cedar Creek in Lake Shore and reburied together here.
Lovick Pierce Webb
Pvt Texas Mtd Vols Mexican War
Jan. 25, 1821 - Dec. 6, 1873
Thomas Lindsay Blanton
Born in Prince Edward Co. VA Dec. 2, 1845
Died at La Grange, TX Feb. 26, 1891
Fannie Lignon Blanton
Born in Houston,TX Aug. 19, 1870
Died at La Grange, TX Aug. 5, 1885
(same marker as Thomas Blanton)
A second marker for Fannie L. Blanton
Eugenia Webb Blanton
Beloved wife of I.L. Blanton
Born at La Grange, TX, July 10, 1849
Died at Houston July 29, 1879
Mrs. Sarah A. Webb
July 2, 1832 - July 6, 1883
General Wm. G. Webb
Jan 15, 1825 - March 9, 1902
Frank Webb
1853- 1862
William Webb
Our Mother
Faithy W. Webb
Who was born Feb. 14, 1794,
and died Jan. 12, 1856
Aged 61 years, 10 months, & 28 days
John Thomas son of Rev. J. T. & Kattie H. Browning
Sept. 24, 1890 - Jun. 27, 1891
James Shannon Mayfield
Nov. 1, 1808 - Dec. 3, 1852
Married July 10, 1833
Sophia Crutcher Mayfield
1815 - March 2, 1852
(Back of previous marker)
Served the Republic of Texas as Secretary of State
Army General
Lawyer and signer of Texas State Constitution
Our Mother
Mrs. Lytta Hunt
Died June 25, 1875 aged at 88 years
Dinoysius M. Oliver
Mar 17, 1866 - July 11, 1872
Mrs. Pauline Eckels
1838 - 1923
"Rest Mother, rest in quiet sleep, while friends in sorrow over thee weep"
Sam P. Fulton
Sept. 13, 1868 died Aug. 19, 1945
Sallie F. Fulton
Apr. 25, 1870 died Oct. 29, 1938
Samuel P. Fulton
born in Ala. June, 23, 1831
died in Texas Aug. 1, 1869
Our Mother
Josephine Fulton Woody
Sept. 27, 1832 - Oct. 7, 1916
David Graham Fulton
Feb. 30, 1837 - Jan 19, 1862
Pat L Mulloy
Dec. 24, 1899 - Apr. 16, 1990
Nellie Lee Killough Mulloy
Aug. 21, 1895 - Apr. 5, 1982
Large marker for Killough and Mulloy Graves
Mulloy on reverse side
John H. Killough
Feb. 28, 1868 - March 5, 1964
(additional marker says La Grange Fire Department)
Nellie Bradshaw Killough
Sept. 24, 1872 - Sept. 22, 1955
Charlie Bradshaw Killough
Oct. 4, 1893 - Apr. 26, 1913
John Haynie son of S. J & F. E. Willard
Dec. 31, 1884 - Nov. 22, 1887
"Thou art gone but not forgotten"
In memory of
Fannie Ella daughter of S. J. & F. E. Willard
Aug. 3, 1874 - Sept. 9, 1977
"I take these little angels said he, & lay them in my breast"
Martha Ann Tobin Dobbin
Sept. 15, 1857 - Apr. 1, 1875
wife of John Haynie Dobbin
James Harvey Dobbin
Born Williamsburg, S.C. 1806 - Died Jan. 22, 1877
husband of Elizabeth Brooks Haynie
In memory of
Elizabeth B. wife of James H. Dobbin
Apr. 2, 1818 - Oct. 23, 1858
Mary P. Smith
born Apr. 22, 1836
Julie Walton Webb
Rev. John Haynie
Born in Botetot,Co. VA. Apr.11, 1786
Died in Ruterville[sic.], TEX. Aug. 26, 1860
"My motto—Be always ready to preach, always be ready to die. All is well."
United Methodist Minister
Sarah F. Bradshaw
(this and the following four markers are all with the Bradshaw marker)
Amzi T. Bradshaw
Charlie J. Bradshaw
Virgina L. Bradshaw
Bradshaw marker
Haynie is inscribed on the reverse side
James A. Haynie
(this and the next two markers were on the Haynie side of the large marker)
Ann C. G. Haynie
Mary E. Haynie
Nettie P. Phelps
9/12/1855 - 11/19/1915
Capt. R. H. Phelps
(back side of Netties's marker)
W.H. Mann
Born in Parkersburg, W.VA.
Apr. 1850-12/16/1885
Estelle C. Wilkins
In memory of
P.E. Edmondson
Mary F. wife of B. F. Dunn
(she is also listed in later picture on a family marker)
Bernetta D. wife of W. T. Wagner
(she is also listed in a later picture on a family marker)
Danl. K. Pope
11/4/1827 departed this life 7/5/1864
Erected by his wife L.A. Pope
Jas. L. son of D. K. & L. A. Pope
1/19/1856 departed this life 11/19/1862
Katie Homuth
March 24, 1896
Victor Homuth
Louise Homuth
Chas. J. Rethke
In memory of Dear Mother
Mrs. M. Rethke
Fritz Homuth
Albert Homuth
May Homuth
In memory of out mother
Wilhelmina Homuth
In memorr of
H. G. Homuth
Ruth Homuth
Dec 1, 1890
R. S. Homuth
Anna K. Homuth
Carrie Homuth
William T. Wagner
(also shown on anthoer family marker)
James B. Dunn
James B. Dunn
This and the next two photos are sides of the family marker. Individual markers shown elsewhere on this page.
William T. Wagner
Bernetta Dunn
Maj. B. F. Dunn
1831 - 1890
Mary F. Dunn
Maj. B. F. Dunn
7 Feb 1831 - 26 Apr 1890
Ben F. Dunn
12/18/1876 - 8/27/1925
In memory of
Benjamin Shropshire
who died on the 22nd of Sept. 1867 in the 41st year of his age

The following Moore and Rabb family photos and information contributed by Carol Behringer:

Francis Marion Moore, Sr.
No discernible information on wooden marker.
Son of Jeremiah & Mildred E. Moore, husband of Jane Hays Moore; Marble tombstone shows name as Frank M. Moore, Sr. It shows erroneous dates as 1841-1893. Numerous census records indicate he was born 1831 in Iredell County, North Carolina; probate records indicate his death prior to October 1890.
Jane Hays Moore
No discernible information on wooden marker next to Francis Moore's marker. Daughter of Levin & Maria Hodge Hays and wife of Francis Marion Moore, Sr., born between 1843-1845 in Chariton County, Missouri; died probably after 1903. She came to Fayette County with her parents from Missouri.
Conela C. Moore
Daughter of Jeremiah & Mildred E. Moore
born September 18, 1841, Iredell County, NC
died May 8, 1879, Fayette County, Texas.
All Moore family photos and information
contributed by Carol Behringer.
Jane A. Persell
(should be Pursell)
Daughter of Jeremiah & Mildred E. Moore
wife of William Charles Purcell
Born March 9, 1835, Iredell County, NC
died May 31, 1855
John Ephraim Moore
Son of Thomas Moore, husband of Nancy (last name unknown)
born November 9, 1771 in Virginia
died 1857 Fayette County, Texas
City cemetery records indicate wife Nancy is interred beside him; however, there is no marker for her. Nancy was born about 1780 in North Carolina and died 1867 in Fayette County. Jeremiah & Nancy came to Fayette County with their son Joshua T. Moore and Joshua's two children via North Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi.
Jeremiah & Mildred E. Moore
Jeremiah son of John Ephraim & Nancy Moore
born October 3, 1805 in Iredell County, NC
died March 4, 1855 in La Grange
Mildred, daughter of Goodrich & Nancy Eidson Moore
born September 22, 1806 in Iredell Co, NC
died November 3, 1888 in Fayette County
Jeremiah and Mildred were first cousins.
Jeremiah and Mildred arrived in Fayette County from North Carolina via Mississippi with 9 children in 1850 according to their tombstone. Their last child was born in Fayette County. Jeremiah was Sheriff at the time of his death.
Sisily E. Moore
Daughter of Jeremiah & Mildred E. Moore
born December 22, 1850, Fayette County
died June 21, 1857, Fayette County
Stephen Moore
Son of Francis Marion & Jane Hays Moore.
Census records indicate he was born 1877, Fayette County, Texas; marker shows he was 11 years old, making his death 1888, Fayette County, Texas
Cisily E. Rabb
Daughter of John Wesley & Catherine Moore Rabb
born February 11, 1868, Fayette County
died January 2, 1873, Fayette County
Edward H. Rabb
Son of John Wesley & Catherine Moore Rabb
born May 9, 1875, Fayette County
died March 25, 1890, Fayette County, TX
Catherine Moore Rabb
(stone shows spelling of Kathryn)
Daughter of Jeremiah & Mildred E. Moore
wife of John Wesley Rabb
born 1848 in Mississippi
died November 7, 1915, Bay City, Matagorda County, TX
John W. (Wesley) Rabb
Son of John & Mary Crownover Rabb
husband of Catherine Moore Rabb
born February 14, 1833, Fayette County, TX
died April 10, 1885, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee
Jarmon W. (William) Rabb
Son of John Wesley & Catherine Moore Rabb
born May 26, 1870, Fayette County
died May 6, 1901
Rabb Family Plot
All Rabb family photos and information
contributed by Carol Behringer.
S. P. (Sidney P.) Rabb
Son of John Wesley & Catherine Moore Rabb
born May 9, 1880, Fayette County
died December 20, 1912, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX
Wessie (Wesley) Rabb
Son of John Wesley & Catherine Moore Rabb
born March 26, 1885, Fayette County
died December 13, 1886, Fayette County, TX

There are other markers in the cemetery which have not been photographed.

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