Cistern Black Cemetery


This information is taken from the booklet, Cistern Black Cemetery, by Norman C. Krischke c1999:

This cemetery is located in the town of Cistern and fronts on Manchester Street and encompasses two city blocks; Blocks 14 and 15. The cemetery is 198 feet wide on Manchester Street and 430 feet deep. It is situated between the Cistern City Cemetery and Sts. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church & Cemetery. There are twelve graves marked with concrete, marble, or granite stones. Six possible graves have lilies on them and one grave is marked with a funeral home marker. The first burial, according to tombstone dates is that of B.H. Bratcher in 1900 and the last to be buried here was Willie Jones in 1997.

The Black farmers came to Cistern when it was known as Whiteside's Prairie in the later part of the 1850's. The place was later named Cockrell's Hill; Milton; and in 1863, Cistern, after the many cisterns in town needed because the well water was bad. Black farmers brought their cotton to the Marburger and Knight Gin. They grew vegetables, corn, sugar cane and fodder for the animals. They raised their families here, schooled them, worshiped here and some were buried here.






Bratcher, B. H.

16 Apr 1832

29 Sep 1900

Concrete marker; born a slave

Bratcher, Elmira

9 Feb 1839

25 Aug 1916

Concrete marker; born a slave; probably wife of B. H. Bratcher

Caesar, Isiah


23 Sep 1923

Military marker: Texas, Pvt 1st Cl, 12 Reserve Labor BN, QMC, WWI

Clark, Frank

8 May 1878

12 Sep 1923

Concrete marker

Fikes, Joe

8 Oct 1859

6 May 1942

Shares concrete marker with Mary Fikes and Sallie Howard; "Grandparent"; born a slave; Fayette County death record, 8/86: Farmer, died of coronary occlusion.

Fikes, Mary

1 Jan 1856

21 Apr 1937

Shares concrete marker with Joe Fikes and Sallie Howard; "Grandparent"; born a slave; FCDR, 6/531: Daughter of William Clark who was born in Virginia. Died of heart disease.

Howard, Sallie



Shares concrete marker with Joe and Mary Fikes; "Mother"

Hubbard, Hanna



Concrete marker; Aged 36 years

Jones, Willie
Funeral home marker
McCook, Alma
12 Dec 1907
15 Jul 1990
Unmarked, married Shelley Howard, info from obituary
McCook, Jurde
1 Feb 1882
4 Apr 1955
Concrete marker; FCDR, 10/439: Farmer. Son of Tom & Beckie (Clark) McCook
McCook, Laura
24 Apr 1924
20 Apr 1992
Granite marker
Williams, Ellen
Concrete marker
Williams, Gim
Concrete marker

Thanks to Yvonne Chambers for providing information on Alma McCook's grave.