An Early Fayette County Will

Will of Jonathan Blair

Republic of Texas
County of Fayette
January 11, 1842

By the will of God, Amen, In this my last Will and Testament, I Jonathan Blair, being in my right mind, do give my soul to God, and my body to the dust, and authorise and appoint John S. Miller [son-in-law] my executor. After defraying my funeral expenses and paying my just debts, John S. Blair, my eldest son, and Nancy Dickey my oldest daughter, have heretofore received their portion of my estate, I therefore will unto them five dollars each to be paid out of the money coming to me from John S. Blair. To my beloved son Jonathan Ewing Blair I give the east half of my plantation and to Elihu James King Blair my beloved son the west half of my plantation and also for each one of them to have their horses, saddles and bridles. To my beloved daughter, Elizabeth K. Inglish, her girl Easter aged about seventeen years and one cow and calf, also that Henry Inglish, her husband shall have (quiet possession?) of his houses and also land that he cultivates for ten years from the time he first settled said place, that is until January eighteen hundred and forty eight, then the land with all the improvements to revert to Jonathan Ewing Blair. My two horses to be sold and divided between my son Wm H. Blair, Sarah Miller and Elizabeth K. Inglish. The notes that I hold on my son John S. Blair with the exception of the ten dollars willed to him and Nancy Dickey, I will equally to be divided between my beloved daughters Jane Benson, Martha Mclane and Mary McGuire. My negro boy Edmond, aged about forty two years and my negro girl Winny aged about thirty eight years shall be sold and divided equally between Wm H. Blair, Jonathan Ewing Blair, Elihu J. K. Blair, Sarah Miller & Elizabeth K. Inglish.

My waggons & oxen, three cows, and calves, my farming utensils, household & kitchen furniture, and all other property appertaining to my estate shall be sold and equally divided ...Wm H. Blair, Jonathan Ewing Blair, Elihu J. K. Blair, Sarah Miller, and Elizabeth K. Inglish.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of God and these witnesses.

Jonathan Blair

Andrew J. McGouth
James Price
John Ingram
(X-his mark) Price

The 400 acres Jonathan Blair owned was bought from John Ingram and is thought to be located at or near Ingram's Prairie. Blair Creek runs nearby. Contributed by Deborah Smith.