Robinson Cemetery

Also known as Old Rutersville Cemetery


According to the Joe Cole Survey of 1959, this cemetery is located 3 miles east of Rutersville on the John Baron Estate. Word has it that several of the Robinsons were teachers at the Rutersville College and Military School and that one of them was hung while teaching there. There is a rock vault and several other graves at this site.

Until recently the small cemetery was so overgrown with underbrush that one could not even enter it. The Griffin family had to use a chain saw to cut out the undergrowth around their ancestors' graves. The cemetery is enclosed with a decorative iron fence, and the headstones are still legible.

In the Robinson folder in the Freytag Files of the Fayette Heritage Archives, there is an abstract from "The Flatonia Argus" of Thursday, November 20, 1879. It is an obituary which states that Robert J. Robinson was born in Brazoria County, Texas, 25 January 1831 and he belonged to one of the "old colonial families of Austin's second colony, his parents having emigrated from Mississippi with that colony."

Robert J. Robinson died near Columbus, Colorado County on the 2 of November 1879. Fred L. Allen was quoted as saying, "We were called upon to lay him by the side of most of his family in the old Rutersville grave yard to await the resurrection."

George and Lucinda Robinson were the parents of V. G. (Vincent), J. R. (Robert J.), Thomas, and O. V. (Oliver).

George Robinson is listed in the Handbook of Texas as follows:

George Robinson, one of Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred, was in Texas prior to November 28, 1823, when he subscribed twenty bushels of corn to raise funds to send Erasmo Seguin as Texas deputy to the Mexican Congress. Robinson received title to a sitio of land in present Brazoria County on July 8, 1824. On February 2, 1825, he wrote Austin requesting an additional half-league of land, preferable on the San Bernard River, and reported that his father was on the way to join the colony in Texas. The census of 1826 classified George Robinson as a farmer and stock raiser, aged between twenty-five and forty. His household included his wife, Lucinda, two sons, and a daughter. In February 1830, he took over operation of the ferry at San Felipe de Austin.

Burials in this cemetery include:

George Robinson, b. 6-2-1796, d. 2-29-1843
Lucinda Robinson, b. 1-26-1804, d. 2-18-1879
Thomas Robinson, b. 7-7-1823, d. 12-10-1864
O. V. Robinson, b. 12-6-1825, d. 1-24-1854
J. R. Robinson, b. 1-25-1831, d. 11-2-1879
V. G. Robinson, b. 10-27-1838, d. 1-13-1873
unidentified rock vault and several graves



Robert James


Lucinda, mother

George, father

Photos contributed by Carolyn Griffin