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Surnames: KADLECEK

Submitter:  Ed Kadleck

I am looking for a marriage record for John Kadlecek to Annie ??, about 1879.



Submitter: Michelle Lev

I am looking for any information on my great-grandfather, Frank SYKORA who came from Palkovice, Czechoslovakia in 1889. He probably settled in the Ammannsville area. He and his wife Johanna PROKOP are buried at the St. John the Baptist Catholic cemetery in Ammannsville. They had five children: Adolf(1885-1910) and Aloisia (MUZNY)(1886-1972)both were born in Czechoslovakia, Julia(KADLECEK)(1890-?),Frank Benedict(1892-1952), and Cyril(1894-1969). My grandfather, Cyril SYKORA or C.J. as he was also known, played the horn in several bands and the Ammannsville Orchestra. His brother Frank Benedict is said to have helped design or build the Ammannsville Hall. Any information will be greatly cherished.  


Surnames:  BROWN

Submitter: Rachel K Brown Brezina

Looking for info on my grandfather Charles Pierce Brown. Born I believe in 1874 in Lee Co. However, he does not appear on the 1880 Lee Co index. So I am checking neighboring counties. Believed he is buried in Black jack Cemetary in Burleson Co.



Submitter: Jan Delaval



Surnames: ROGERS

Submitter: B Fendley

Seeking informantion on George W. Findley,Fendley 1st postmaster StellaTexas community out of La Grange,West Point,Texas, Post office was open June 6, 1880. like to know who his wife and children were. Does any of the following names mean anything to any one. John Walter Findley/Fendley Lizzie ROGERS (Married) Findley/Findley date married: Unknown Location of Marriage Unknown. Died October 5, 1905 They had one child Mary Amamanda Findley/Fendley June 8/9 1905. Second wife Georgia Lee Holliday,Holladay From alabama Children George W.Findley/Fendley Born AL 1908 Twins J E (Ernest) & Marcus I (PETE) Findley/Fendley, (Alabama) Twins born in Texas Earl D (Red) and Merel Findley/Fendley Anita E Findley/Fendley Homer Clarance Findley/Fendley John's brothers were Oscar BOrn 1876, John W. Born 1877, Elmer BOrn not sure date, Marcus I. BOrn about 1878 maybe. not sure if there were any sisters/ Doing a college research paper seeking information on the family for my paper. Thank you B.Fendley-Bell 18bfb@excite.com



Submitter: Sharon James

I am searching for information on the Johnson family. Jessie Johnson and Mary Jane Massie-Johson (African American) had a son Van Lawrence or VL Johnson born in Lagrange, Fayette, Texas on 1 Jan 1898. They later moved to Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas. Jessie and Mary Jane were possibley married in Colorado County Texas on 25 Dec 1873. Their birthdates and place are unknown but since they were both born slaves were born sometime before 1863. Jessie was thought to be the son of an Irish plantation owner and a slave. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Submitter: Pat Lyon

Searching for any information in Fayette County about my ggfather Frank Svach. Found information in Lee county but have reason to believe there may be some in Fayette. Other associated family names Simek or Simek, Jarma, Urban. Thanks for any help.



Submitter: Erin Moore

HAYWOOD, THOMAS,and BENJAMIN MOORE-FAYETTE TX Looking for info on MOORE buried in Black Jack(Pin Oak) cemetery near Muldoon, Fayette, TX. My ancestor Haywood Moore and one of his daughters, (Cynthia Naomi Moore) are buried there along with ten other Moores of unknown relation (family myths claim they were cousins): Thomas Clinton Moore -b.1816 d. 1897 Fleming Moore-b. 1855 d. 1889 (son of Thomas) Charles Woods Moore b. 1853 d. 1951 (son of Thomas) Lewis Woods Moore b. 1915 d. 1938 Emily T. Moore b. 1885 d. 1970 Benjamin A. Moore b. 1838 d. 1901 Tommy Moore b. 1869 d. 1889 Sammie Moore age 7 Birt Moore- Louisa Moore b. 1836 d. 1915 Looking for info on the cemetery and anyone researching Thomas Clinton Moore and Benjamin A. Moore. I am also interested in info on family of Haywood's wife Mary (Polly) McClure (daughter of Levi McClure and Elizabeth Archer). She is buried in Rock Island Colorado TX. erin moore



Submitter: Erin Moore

Looking for info on MOORE buried in Black Jack(Pin Oak) cemetery near Muldoon, Fayette, TX. My ancestor Haywood Moore and one of his daughters, (Cynthia Naomi Moore) are buried there along with ten other Moores of unknown relation (family myths claim they were cousins): Thomas Clinton Moore -b.1816 d. 1897 Fleming Moore-b. 1855 d. 1889 (son of Thomas) Charles Woods Moore b. 1853 d. 1951 (son of Thomas) Lewis Woods Moore b. 1915 d. 1938 Emily T. Moore b. 1885 d. 1970 Benjamin A. Moore b. 1838 d. 1901 Tommy Moore b. 1869 d. 1889 Sammie Moore age 7 Birt Moore- Louisa Moore b. 1836 d. 1915 Looking for info on the cemetery and anyone researching Thomas Clinton Moore and Benjamin A. Moore. I am also interested in info on family of Haywood's wife Mary (Polly) McClure (daughter of Levi McClure and Elizabeth Archer). She is buried in Rock Island Colorado TX. erin moore



Submitter: Marilyn Dietz

Does anyone have any information regarding Sylvanus Castleman who came to TX about 1850?



Submitter: Kristi Tuttle Braun

My g-grandfather's brother George Washington Tuttle, Jr. married Orlene Peck on Feb. 17, 1878 in Fayette County. Does anyone know what happened to them and who are Orlene's parents? Thank you.


Surnames: KERR

Submitter: Ted Kerr

Alfred Benjamin Fontaine Kerr, born 1823, was the son of Hugh and Lucy Kerr of Washington County. A Methodist minister, he was appointed agent for Rutersville College Dec. 12, 1849, and served until 1852. I am interested in information on Rev. Kerr, his siblings, ancestors, or descendents.


Surnames: RICHTER

Submitter: Kathy Richter Kerr

I am looking for information on Reinhold Richter, or any other Richters who lived in Fayette County.



Submitter: Roy Heller

Looking for any information on the DORNWELL family of Fayette County. My g-g-g-grandfather, August DORNWELL (b.1825) emigrated with his wife, Helena, in 1849 from Hannover, GER, and settled in Fayette County. August and Helena had several children: 1. John W. DORNWELL, b. 1849 2. Amelia (Emeline) DORNWELL, b. 1853, d. Aft 1920 +Andrew ETHINGTON, b. 1849, m. 1868, d. 1875 Charles George ETHINGTON, b.1869 Nancy (Nannie) ETHINGTON, b.1875 + Thomas HELLER, b. 1860, m. 1892, d. 1946 +George W. ISBELL, m.1875 Augusta ISBELL Almeta ISBELL Clarence ISBELL 3. Louisa DORNWELL, b.1854 4. Alexander DORNWELL, b. 1856 +Helena REICHMANN, b.1862, d. 1947 Child DORNWELL 5. Almeda DORNWELL, b. 1859 6. Helena DORNWELL, b. 1862, d. 1941 + Henry Albers, b. 1856, d. 1939 My g-g-grandmother was Amelia (Emeline) DORNWELL. Any additional information would be appreciated. Roy L. Heller


Surnames: PERKINS

Submitter: J. Paul Tanner

I am researching the PERKINS family. Most of my line resided in Bastrop Co., but at least one family member (James R. Perkins) moved to Fayette Co.



Submitter: Jon V. Reeb

Seeking any information on the descendants of a Georgiana MULLINS, step-daughter of a W. A. BREEDING. Georgiana first married a George RAPE in 1874 in Washington Co. TX. She was enumerated in Fayette County, in 1880 in household of her step-father W. A. Breeding, along with two children, Anne RAPE,age 4, and Charles RAPE, age 2. Georgiana later married a man by the name of Abraham Dolph BRACEWELL and had children with him. In 1910, she was living in Wilson County with her three younger BRACEWELL children and her son, Charles RAPE also living in Wilson County with his wife and children. I am hoping to find descendants of any of them and/or any other information on their families.



Submitter: Shirley Dusek

Looking for info on Charles H. SCHAEFER born Oct 22,1885 Tx, who married a Louisa ? and they lived at Fayette County, Tx. They came from Bastrop, Tx. His parents were Charles Washington SCHAEFER and Anna BRETNER.


Surnames: WUNSCH

Submitter: Brad Monroe

Wunsch Family looking for Franz Wunsch married Clara ?. lived in fayette county in 1880 not sure where but in fayette county both franz and clara where from prussia. found this on 1880 census. at that time had 5 kids joesphine 13, Rudolph 2, catherine 6, the other 3 are to read so i am not sure lonnie 11, Narcisse 9, Iam really not sure on that name. Rudolph is my line They move to falls county Tx. around 1900 any help at all Brad monroe paperpkg@email.msn.com



Submitter: Jackie Hill Bower

Date: 16 Oct 1999

Asa HILL b. 1784 NC, and Elizabeth BARKSDALE b. 1796 GA, were early TX settlers and their descendants are found in many TX counties, including Fayette Co. I am concentrating for the moment on finding out more about two of their children: 1) Dr. Green Washington HILL, b. May 27, 1812 GA, d. Sept. 20, 1844 in Rutersville, Fayette Co., TX. His wife was Susan Cade WEBB, b. Nov. 14, 1814 GA. I am seeking her date and place of death and any information on their known children: Teranna "Mattie" HILL, dob unknown, John C. HILL b. abt. 1835, Green Washington HILL, JR. b. abt. 1837, and Elizabeth HILL, b. abt. 1840. 2) Mary Ann Rebecca HILL, b. abt. 1830 GA, married Peter V. SHAW, place/date unknown. I believe Mary Ann died in Fayette Co., TX although the date is unknown. I seek her date of death and place of burial, as well as any information on the following known children: Semoura, Lovick, Nettie, Willia, and Lizzie. (Lovick is male, the others all female) I have no dates of birth. I am also seeking the marriage date for Mary Ann Hill and Peter V. Shaw.



Submitter: Becky Teubner

I am searching for information on a Milligan Henry Parr and his wife Sarah (Sally) Eveline Barnett. Apr 15th 1900 Sally died of the measles. Milligan was in Huntsville (for what I do not know). 6 of the 7 children (ages 13 months to 15 years) were sent to Buckner's Orphange Home by court order. The youngest was raised by a maternal aunt named Laura for some years before going to Buckners. I have family data on Milligan but do not have anything on Sally and her parents. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Becky T.



Submitter: Lorraine Williams

My gg-grandmother was Martha Ellen TRAILER(spelling?). She was born in 1853. I've been told her mother was a CHEW. I'm told there was a Leann CHEW(b1835) whose family came from W. Virginia and settled in Fayette Co. Leanna married a (Unknown GIPSON). Martha married 1st George Washington MOLDER. They had several children including a son named Gipson. She married 2nd J.W. WELLS and had several more children. She and J.W. are both buried at Fall Creek Cemetery at Acton,Tx.(Hood Co.). Does anyone know anything about this family? Lorraine Williams


Submitter: Joyce McCollum

Anthony and Hattie Keys Smith African American circa 1866 in Lee, Bastrop, Anderson, Smith and Williamson Counties circa 1866.



Submitter: Jon V. Reeb

A George RAPE married Georgiana MULLINS in 1874, supposedly in Washington Co., TX. 1880 Census of Fayette County, TX enumerated a Georgia RAPE in the household of a W. A. Breeding as his step-daughter. With her were two children, a girl named Annie RAPE, then age 4 and a boy named Charles RAPE, then age 2. I am seeking any information such as birth, death, marriage records or descendants living or deceased of this George RAPE & Georgiana Mullins RAPE.



Submitter: Candy Willey

Looking for help with ancestors of Haywood MOORE and Mary "Polly" MCCLURE, who were married in Black Jack Springs, Fayette Co., Tx in 1844. Happy to share desendents of their 13 children, one of whom is my ggrandfather Martin Leonidas MOORE, who was born in Fayette Co., Tx in 1861 and married Susanna DODD in 1888 in NE.



Submitter: Linda Corbin Cousins

Trying to locate information on my grandfather..Frank J. Davis...born in Muldoon,Texas about 1884. Believe he had a brother by the name of William or Will or Henry. One of the children or grandchildren of this brother may still live in Muldoon ,Texas. Any information would be appreciated. He married Julia Matilda Mosely in 1905 in Smithville,Texas.



Submitter: Rhonda Gay

Looking for Smith's of Bastrop and Fayette. Tom Smith md Gloria Sherrell. Henry Gordon Smith md Allie Mae Catchings. Otto Paul Ullmann md Ella Wilhelma Marquart. Wilhelm Friedrich C.Tramp md Hana F.C.Marquard. Johann F.Adolf Marquar(d) md Wilhelmine Caroline F.Gau. Johann A.M.Marquard md Magdelean Maria Klinzman. Johann Friedrich Tramm md Regina Elisabeth Vogt. Karl Heinrich Ullmann md Louise Selma Reuther. Danke,Rhonda Gay


Surnames:  LEIMER

Submitter: Bruce Wunluck

Interested in family of Rev. Michael Leimer, my great grandfather. My grandfather, Rev. John A. Leimer was born in Swiss Alp, Fayette Co. Texas.



Submitter: Patrick A. Coleman

I am looking for any information regarding Lucius Terrell PENICK and his brother Jefferson PENICK, who lived in Fayette Co., TX before the Civil War. They came from Morgan Co., GA and Lucius moved back to Madison, GA. Jefferson died around 1862 near Atlanta, GA. I would also like to share any info regarding Caroline Douglass COLEMAN, the widow of Charles COLEMAN. Both were from Morgan Co., GA also and Caroline supposedly kept house for L.T. and Jefferson Penick. If you know of any marriage for her or a child also named Charles COLEMAN. He would have been born after Aug. 1824 in GA. I hope someone can give me some leads regarding this COLEMAN line. I have info regarding the PENICK descendents.



Submitter: Barbara Morehead

COX/LAMBERT Is anyone working on the following surname listed in the 1850 Fayette Co., TX census: J. H. Lambert b. ca 1815 in VA, wife: Dono/Rona Cox. They had two ch. Mary age 3, and John age 2. ..... Isaac Lambert md. Edina Cox 1 Jan. 1846 in Fayette Co. ..... Are J. H. and Isaac brothers? Are Dono/Rona and Edina Cox sisters? Thank you for any help given.



Submitter: Rox Ann Johnson

I am researching the family of Friedrich Wilhelm PAGEL (1834-1873) and Magdalena FRITSCHE who lived at Willow Springs. Their children were Frank m. Wilhelmine SCHILLER, Emma m. Ernst ALBRECHT, Albert m. Helena JASEK, Ernst m. Mathilda ZAPP, Ida m. Ferdinand SCHULTZ, and Helen m. Hugo Emil ZAPP. Have much to share.



Submitter: Rox Ann Johnson

I am researching the family of Gerhard HEINSOHN (1822-1902) and Sophie FEHRENKAMP who lived near Willow Springs. Their children were Wilhelmine m. William SCHWEKE, August m. Adele SCHARNBERG, Emma m. Albert WAGNER, Mary m. Charles ZAPP, Friedrike, Gerhard W. m. Emma LINCKE, Emily m. Monroe JOHNSON, Louis m. Nora FEHRENKAMP, Charles, Matilda m. Adolph KRUEGER then Henry FEHLER, Ida m. Rev. August BETEIT, and Ella m. Rev. Hans KRAUSE. Have much to share.



Submitter: Herman I. May

I am interested in locating anyone who may have information regarding the GEISE family of Carmine, Fayette Co., Texas. Of particular interest to me is information about the following individuals, Otto GEISE - butcher, Anna GEISE (m. Fritz PONFICK and had at least one child, Nathalie), and GEISE (m. Lavenia MAY, or perhaps THIGPEN, and had at least one child, Louisa). Are these people related and if so in what way? I have information to reciprocate in exchange for any insight.


Surnames: JONES

Submitter: Peggy Case

I am searching for information on Randall Jones who arrived in Texas about 1931. Two sons: Wiley and Thomas (Tom). Thank you for any assistance.



Submitter: Mike Kelly

ISO anyone with knowledge of the family surnames of KELLY, HILLSMAN, DOYLE, JERSIG, WOLF(E) who resided in Ledbetter, Fayette County, TX from about 1870 to at least 1900 time frame....



Submitter: Brian Flynt

Date: 21 Aug 1999

Looking for death dates and burial places of: JOHN S. EASTERLING, b. 1833 (SC), d. after 1880; m. 1855, MARGARET JANE MAGEE, b. 1839 (MS), d. after 1880. They married in MS, lived in Rankin and Simpson Counties, and are said to have moved to Fayette County, TX, after the war. children: IDA P. EASTERLING, m. TAYLOR HUBBARD MARGARET JANE EASTERLING, m. SAMUEL B. MANGUM ROBERT H. EASTERLING EMMA CARRIE EASTERLING, m. (1) LAFAYETTE CAIN; (2) JOHN BLANKS HOMER EASTERLING



Submitter: MMHay

Ignac and Marianne Sebesta brought their family over from Moravia in December 1860. They settled in High Hill. The girls married into the following families: HOLUB, ALBRECHT, BARTOS, NIKEL. Will be willing to share any information.


Surnames: PERKINS

Submitter: J. Paul (Perkins) Tanner

Looking for information on James R. Perkins and wife Nancy, originally from Hickman Co., TN. Related to Wright Perkins and Jacob H. Perkins of Bastrop County, TX. Apparently James R. Perkins and Nancy move from Bastrop to Fayette Co. between 1850 and 1860. Wright's wife is named Jane, and she may have gone to live with James R. and Nancy Perkins in Fayette Co. Any help?



Submitter: 15 Aug 1999

Date: Dalton Kadleck

I'm looking for two gravesites under the name Kadlecek, John and Freda. Date of death was 1 Sept, 1934.


Surnames: FARTHING

Submitter: Charles E. Fathing Jr.




Submitter: Rob Sutton

Seeking and sharing information on Suttons in Round Top, Fayette County, TX. My ggggfather William Sutton moved from Bedford County, TN to Fayette County, buying land there in 1841. William's children came with him and settled in the County as well. His children with his first wife Elizabeth (possible surname Turner)were born in TN. Their names were John, Sarah, Wesley, Ann, William, Cyrene, Henrietta, Mary Ann, Charles Finley, Elizabeth, Martha, and Jane. William's had at least one child, Virginia Tennesee with his second wife Eliza Fenly (Finley).



Submitter: Anne Thiem

HARRIS, HENDERSON, MULLINS Exchange info on 2nd great grandparents - Larcey Harris (1843-1920) m. 5-5-1859 Fayette Co. William Jasper Henderson (1831-1922) Lived near Muldoon, 5 children (Susan, Martha Elizabeth, Mary, William & Isabella)Martha Elizabeth married James Pinkney Mullins 1-25-1885. Obit newspaper clippings on Larcey & William Henderson give burial location as "Harris Family Cemetery". Believe Larcey was daughter of Robert Harris Sr.



Submitter: Dorothy Harrison Keith

Frances HARRISON b 1849 Texas. Father, Wiley HARRISON, Mother Mary Ann THOMPSON HARRISON. Frances md John Ridgeway HARRISON. Issue: William Walter, Mary Washington, Oliver Perry, Alverina, Elizabeth & Eula. Frances died probably in Fayette County 1875/1890. (or possibly Bastrop) Have seen her name as Frances M. N. HARRISON. Don't know for sure what the M.N. stands for. Need to know for sure when and where she died & anything else. Any info appreciated.


Submitter: Jeffrey Martin

Looking for someone else researching the surname Fritcher.



Submitter: Leroy Janda

Date: 07 Jul 1999

I am researching information on families of Josef JANDA (arrived 1856), Jan JANDA (1860), Theresa KUBALA (1860) and many others who immigrated to Hostyn Texas. Visit my database at http://www.onlineplus.net/~ljanda and please make any additions and/or corrections. Thank you. Dekuji Vam.



Submitter: David Dewey

I am trying to find out additional information about my grandparents. My father,Joseph Tydlacka (I carry a different last name, my mother re-married), was born 2-20-1913 to a Henry Tydlacka and a Frances Topolanek. Frances, my grandmother's father was Frank Topolanek, and her mother's maiden name was Anna Phillip. Somewhere, there is a Francis or Franciska Krupa, and also the last name Maria Riha is related. Could anyone provide any additional information?



Submitter: Wynell

OTTO - BRUNS Ernst Otto came from Germany in 1872. He lived the rest of his life in Fayette County, Texas. Ernst OTTO married Josephine Pauler Winkler. John BRUNS came from Oldenburg Germany in 1853. John Bruns married Alosia BILLIMEK and lived in Fayette County Texas.


Surnames: NORRIS

Submitter: Charlotte Hughes

I am searching surname "Norris". My grandfather was Jefferson Llewellyn Norris, born about 1857. The only information I have is that he may have been born in Fayette County. He was in Henderson County, Texas and/or Van Zandt County, Texas, before 1900. I would appreciate any information. Thanks so much.



Submitter: Beau Bowen

Date: 30 Jun 1999

I search of PARENTS of William T. Cole. Also, would like to know if he or his wife is of Native American descent. William T. COLE b. 20 February 1784, Dinwiddie Co, VA chronology for William T. COLE: Married to Susan REAMES, ca. 1808 at Virginia Sarah COLE born 5 October 1809 at Dinwiddie Co, VA Served during War of 1812 ca. 1812 Mary Ann Elizabeth COLE born ca. 1812 at Dinwiddie Co, VA Residing ca. 1818 at Maury Co, TN Married to Mary 'Polly' JOPLING, ca. 1824 at Tennessee ? William T. COLE II born ca. 1825 at Maury Co, TN (Frances) Catherine COLE born 22 November 1826 at Maury Co, TN James B. COLE born 22 November 1826 at Maury Co, TN Residing ca. 1835 at Marshall Co, MS Residing 1840 at Marshall Co, MS Signed a deed 1841 at Marshall Co, MS Buried 1850 at Florida Cem, Round Top, Fayette Co, TX Died November 1850 at Fayette Co, TX His dau. (Frances) Catherine Cole m. Albert Alexander McClatchy Sr (see other query). They are my great great grandparents. Beau Bowen, P O Box 1118, Elkton, MD, 21922-1118; Beau@netgsi.com



Submitter: Beau Bowen

Date: 30 Jun 1999

In search of descendants of Albert Alexander MCCLATCHY Sr b. 21 May 1817, Iredell Co, NC son of (Dorcas) Eliza ALEXANDER and (William) Hamilton MCCLATCHY JR chronology for Albert Alexander MCCLATCHY SR: Married to (Frances) Catherine COLE, 22 April 1845 at Marshall Co, MS James Franklin MCCLATCHY born 22 May 1846 at Holly Springs, Marshall Co, MS Mary E. MCCLATCHY born 1847 at Holly Springs, Marshall Co, MS Eliza MCCLATCHY born 10 February 1848 at Marshall Co, MS Amelia Caroline MCCLATCHY born 7 September 1849 at Marshall Co, MS U. S. Census 1850 at Southern Division, Marshall Co, MS Residing 1850 at Southern Division, Marshall Co, MS Laura Cole MCCLATCHY born May 1851 at Marshall Co, MS William Hamilton MCCLATCHY born 7 October 1853 at Marshall Co, MS Albert Alexander 'Jr' MCCLATCHY born 13 August 1855 at Marshall Co, MS Infant Son MCCLATCHY born 16 September 1856 at Marshall Co, MS DeWitt C. MCCLATCHY born 24 January 1858 at Marshall Co, MS John Davis 'J. D.' MCCLATCHY born May 1859 Residing 1860 at Round Top, Fayette Co, TX U. S. Census 1870 at Texas U. S. Census 1880 at Texas Died 23 December 1883 at Texas I have a great deal of info about this family; would like to find more descendants and details of life in Texas. Will swap. Beau Bowen, P O Box 1118, Elkton, MD, 21922-1118; Beau@netgsi.com



Submitter: Beau Bowen

Date: 30 Jun 1999

In search of descendants of: James Franklin MCCLATCHY b. 22 May 1846, Holly Springs, Marshall Co, MS son of (Frances) Catherine Cole and Albert Alexander MCCLATCHY Sr chronology for James Franklin MCCLATCHY: U. S. Census 1860 at Texas U. S. Census 1870 at Texas Married to Lucy Ann Alexander ROBISON, 22 June 1870 at Warrenton, Fayette Co, TX Zula MCCLATCHY born 14 April 1872 at Fayette Co, TX Lalla Rooke MCCLATCHY born 8 April 1874 at LaGrange, Fayette Co, TX Stella MCCLATCHY born 10 May 1876 at Fayette Co, TX Olive MCCLATCHY born 23 January 1879 at Fayette Co, TX Leslie 'Buddy' MCCLATCHY born 3 June 1881 at Fayette Co, TX Lucille MCCLATCHY born 22 December 1889 at LaGrange, Fayette Co, TX (Dr) Vivienne Robison MCCLATCHY born 17 February 1892 at Pilot Point, Denton Co, TX Buried 1932 at Rose Hill Cemetery, Ardmore, Carter Co, OK Died 4 April 1932 at Atoka, Atoka Co, OK Have extensive info on the McCLATCHY family. Will swap. Beau Bowen, P O Box 1118, Elkton, MD, 21922-1118; Beau@netgsi.com



Submitter: Beau Bowen

Date: 30 Jun 1999

In search of: Eleanor Ann 'Nancy' HARRISON b. 4 June 1834, White Cottage, Washington, Franklin Co, MO dau of Almira C. Wilcox and Rev. Robert P. Harrison chrononogy for Eleanor Harrison: Arrived 1851 at Washington Co, TX Arrived 1852 at Fayette Co, TX Married to (Rev) Valentine Harlan 'V.H.' ILEY, 7 September 1853 at LaGrange, Fayette Co, TX John Patton ILEY born 18 July 1854 at Texas Mary Josephine 'Mary Jo' ILEY born 27 June 1858 at Fayette Co, TX Sarah Elizabeth 'Eliza' ILEY born 27 June 1858 at Meridian, Bosque Co, TX Alice ILEY born 14 April 1861 at Texas Robert Harlan ILEY born 1864 at Texas Moffat 'Maffit' Harrison ILEY born 1867 at Texas Alma Lee ILEY born May 1871 at Texas Rev. Ruben Randolph 'R. R' ILEY born 6 July 1874 at Meridian, Bosque Co, TX Arrived with (Rev) Valentine Harlan 'V.H.' ILEY, 1875 at Bell Co, TX Arrived with (Rev) Valentine Harlan 'V.H.' ILEY, December 1886 at Meridian, Bosque Co, TX Arrived to live with daughter 1910 at Falls Co, TX Died 12 March 1915 at Falls Co, TX Would like to know more about her parents and husband. Have a great deal of Iley info. Will swap. Beau Bowen P O Box 1118, Elkton, MD, 21922-1118; Beau@netgsi.com



Submitter: Kristi Braun

I am looking for information on Mary Abigail Gage she married Jasper Collins in Fayette County on Feb. 25, 1864. Thank you.


Surnames:  ZETKA

Submitter: F. D. Garza

Date: 27 Jun 1999

I am looking for information (especially names of parents) of Jan Zetka, who was born October 3, 1826. He came to the U.S. in 1872 or 1872 from Moravia, and died November 4, 1904. Also I am needing the maiden name, names of parents, etc., for his wife Eva. She was born August 6, 1839, came to the U.S. in 1872 from Moravia, and died January 27, 1892. Both Jan and Eva are buried at St. Martins Catholic Cemetery on Highway 237 between Warrenton and Round Top.


Surnames: PRIMM WOOD

Submitter: Brian Bashaw

We are descendants of William Primm (1778-1865) through Sophronia Virginia Primm and David L. Wood. Looking for other descendants of Sophronia and David. Ours is St. John Stuben Wood.


Surnames: TUTTLE

Submitter: Kristi Braun

I am looking for George Washington Tuttle, Jr. and his wife Orlene Peck. They were married in Fayette County in 1878. Also I am looking for Charles Tuttle brother to George. I have found out where their other siblings are. The parents of these two men are George Washington Tuttle, Sr. and Mary Ann Karnes. Both men were born in Fayette County in the 1840's. Thank You.



Submitter: Carol G. Cottle

I am searching for any information on Minerva (Cottle) Woods, wife of Zadock Woods. Also, any information on her brother Stephen Cottle or his father in law, Winslow Turner.



Submitter: Linda Howard

I am looking for a Mary Slack Taylor, who married Felix Taylor in 1848, Fayette Co. They resided in Fayette Co at least for a while. I noticed on the cemetery index for Fayette Co. there is a "Slack grave" and a "Taylor family" cemetery. Does anyone have any information regarding same? Felix Taylor originally came from DeWitt Colony, Gonzales Co and was married to Elizabeth Oliver, who divorced him (they had 3 children) and then she married Benjamin Franklin Duncan, with whom she had 4 children. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Linda Howard


Surnames: PHILLIPS

Submitter: Cheryl Smith

I am looking for any info on the 2 people (my great grandparents): Anna (Ondra) Phillips Joseph Phillips Both died some time between 1901 and 1904. I have been unable to find out exactly which cemetary. I do know they died in Schullenburg, Texas. Can anyone help????


Submitter:  A. Rardin

Date: 12 Jun 1999

Looking for others interested in William McAhron who was born about 1812-1813 in Nelson Co., KY. Moved to TX about 1840 and was sheriff in Fayette Co. in 1840s.



Submitter: Peggy Isbell

I am looking for the marriage of Joseph BLASINGAME and Caroline L. KAY. They were married by 1857, as their son, John was born circa 1857. Caroline was the daughter of John "Wiley" KAY and his wife, Huldah Schmidt KAY who lived in Fayette Co., TX. Any help would be appreciated.


Surnames: STRUVE

Submitter: Barry Kirkland

Looking for Struve and related families from Fayette County.


Surnames:  MITCHELL

Submitter: C. Londrigan

MITCHELL I am looking for a William A. Mitchell. He was born in TN abt. 1847-1849. I believe that he is my gr grandmother's brother. I found a William Mitchell in Fayette Co. TX (born in TN abt. 1849)in the 1910 Fayette Co. TX census married to a Martha A.. If this is the same William A. Mitchell with wife Martha that I am looking for, I do know that they lived in southern Illinois before moving to TX and that they had a daughter named Sarah, born abt. 1870 in IL. I would love to correspond with anyone researching this Mitchell line. I am willing to share/trade what I have on the Mitchell family. Thank you.


Surnames:  POPE ADAMS

Submitter: Sheryl Pevc

Pope- I am looking for information on my great great great Grandparents Dr. William S. Pope and his wife Mary. They lives in Robbs Parrie and the LaGrange area in the 1860-1880's. I know of my Great Great Grandmother Marion W. Pope married Wiley Bailey Adams in Milam county in 1878. I have a picture of a young woman which is labled "Gertrude ? Marion's sister". I have no Further information at this time. Please help if you can?



Submitter: Linda Burgess

Date: 24 May 1999

Looking for descendants of James M FRAZER b:1805 KY; d:1885 Schulenburg, Fayette Co., TX.(1st wife)Catherine Turner Leavel b: 1810 KY; d: 1842 KY;(2nd wife) Mary Edith Stevenson b: 1816 KY; d: 1848 KY;(3rd wife) Martha Berrisford b: 1820 Liverpool, England; d: 1905 Abilene, TX. Any info would be highly appreciated.



Submitter: Dolores Boyd

My great-great grandparents, Robert Bates RENICK and Armesa Elizabeth Jane EDWARDS were married in La Grange, Fayette Co., TX Feb. 19, 1852. I am searching for her parents and siblings. Thank you.



Submitter: Steve Pearsall

One Annie PEARSALL, born circa 1857 in Fayette County, Texas, was dau of John Edward PEARSALL and Elizabeth James WILLIAMS. In addition to Annie known children are: Grace PEARSALL, born circa 1852; Richard PEARSALL, born circa 1854; Anna PEARSALL, born circa 1857; and Willie B. PEARSALL, born circa 1860. Was Willie B. PEARSALL the same as Bella PEARSALL, b 22 Jan 1860? Desire contact with descendants. Will exchange info. The ancestors of this branch of the PEARSALL family were originally from Duplin Co, NC.



Submitter: Cathy Morgan

On November 12 1852, a lawsuit is filed in Fayette Co, TX: Michael B. Menhard vs Jonathan Burleson, Shadrack Nettles, Alfred Bishop, Andrew Green and George Seaton. I know the family relationship between Burleson, Nettles, Bishop, and Green, but I do not know why George Seaton is included in this group. I would like to find out more about George Seaton. Did he marry the missing daughter of Rev. Jonathan Burleson? Thank You, Cathy



Submitter: Cathy Morgan

On November 12 1852, a lawsuit is filed in Fayette Co, TX: Michael B. Menhard vs Jonathan Burleson, Shadrack Nettles, Alfred Bishop, Andrew Green and George Seaton. I know the family relationship between Burleson, Nettles, Bishop, and Green, but I do not know why George Seaton is included in this group. I would like to find out more about George Seaton. Did he marry the missing daughter of Rev. Jonathan Burleson? Thank You, Cathy


Surnames: MUERY

Submitter: Carol Muery

My name is Carol Muery and I'm researching the Muery Family History. Several of my relatives are buried in Gay Hill, Texas at the ST. Peter's Lutheran Church. Is this church still standing and is there a cemetery nearby. Specifically I'm looking for a Samuel Muery d.Oct. 14,1915; Friedrich (Fritz)Muery, Otto Muery, Edward Muery, Lidia Muery, Walter Muery, Sam Muery. Any info would be appreciated. Carol Muery, 3809 Holmes Ave., Huntsville, Alabama 35816 (256)533-1688



Submitter: Roy L. Heller

Looking for information on my g-grandmother, Nannie ETHINGTON, and g-g-grandmother, Amelia Millie DONNELL. Their information is below: Ann (Nancy/Nannie) N. ETHINGTON b. June 1874, Fayette Co., TX? m. 15 Sept 1892, Coryell Co., TX to Thomas HELLER (b.30 July 1860, Fayette Co., TX; d. 22 Jan 1946, LaSalle Co., TX) div. Sept 1912, from Thomas HELLER, in Williamson Co., TX d. ? (>1910) Parents: Abner Smith ETHINGTON b. 28 June 1853, TX d. ? (Fayette Co., TX?) Amelia Mille DONNELL ETHINGTON b. 03 July 1846, Fayette Co., TX? m. 02 Oct 1868 div. ? 1874 d. 30 March 1914, Fayette Co., TX? If you have any information on either of these families, I'd sincerely appreciate it. Please respond to my email address above. Roy L. Heller Yale University



Submitter: Mack W. Mullins

I am researching the Joe Washington BIDDLE family. I believe that Joe W. BIDDLE died in Fayette Co,TX. about 1930-1931. His widow, Emma(Clanton)Biddle, died in McLennan Co,TX. 18 May 1961. This family lived near Mullins Prairie and Muldoon and at one time in Smithville, Bastrop Co,TX.



Submitter: Barbara J. Martin

Looking for information on or descendants of William STAGNER(1818-1870 THROGMARTON. Children of above are 1.Katherine(Lou)(SHEELY)(PHILLIPS)(1838) 2.Eliza A.DARRIS(1840)3.John F.(1842) E.(PRICE)4.Henry B.(1845).E.(PRICE)5.James Lewis(1847) (ENGLISH) 6.Josephine B. TERRY(1853) Now, I don't know who the children married. 7.May F.Stagner(1855) 8.Jeff Stagner(1857) 9.E.P.T. Prentiss Stagner(1859) 10.Martha Stagner(mother here is Mary Ann HARREL) Also nephew of above: William H.STAGNER(1831) 1st wife and mother of daughters is unknown to me: Sarah Stagner (1853) and Mary C. Stagner(1856). 2nd wife is Martha MCCLURE & 3rd wife is Eliza Julia Ann HARKINS(HASKINS) All the above lived in Blackjack community of Fayette Co. in 1860"s and on.


Surnames:  CHEW

Submitter: Ron Chew

I am searching for information on Benjamin S. Chew, who was issued a third class certificate by the Republic of Texas in 1837 for 640 acres of land in Fayette County. He also married a Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson in that county in June, 1849. I am particularly interested in his previous two wives.



Submitter: Norman Ricker

Can anyone provide information pertaining to any of the three individuals involved in these marriages: William FALKE, Sarah CHEEKS and Josephian MITCHELL? MARRIAGE: William FALKE married Sarah CHEEKS on 25 Dec 1890, Recorded in Fayette County TX; FHL Number 966867, Dates: 1890-1895. Vital Records Index of North America, CD, LDS. MARRIAGE: William FALKE married Josephian MITCHELL on 17 Jan 1895 in Fayette County TX; FHL Number 966867, Dates: 1890-1895; North American Vital Index, CD, LDS. Norm Ricker normhr@ij.net



Submitter: Elreeta Weathers

Date: 18 Apr 1999

PHILLIPS-FERGUSSON Seeking information about the descendants of John A. PHILLPS, b. 1852, and Mary E. "Molly" FERGUSSON, b. 11/14/1853 in MO. John and Mary were married 1/17/1871 in Fayette County, TX. Mary E. "Molly" FERGUSSON was the oldest child of Robert Jefferson FERGUSSON, who died 9/8/1867 in Fayette County. Robert Jefferson FERGUSSON was a son of William Kenner FERGUSSON, who was a son of William FERGUSSON, who was a son of Robert FERGUSSON, who was born in 1720 in Scotland and was in Richmont Co., VA, by 1750.



Submitter: Elreeta Weathers

Date: 18 Apr 1999

FERGUSSON Seeking the identity of Robert A. FERGUSSON who married Mrs. Nancy Ann HARGOIS on 7/17/1846 in Fayette County, TX. Was he related to Robert Alexander Fergusson, Sr. who married (2) Mrs. Marcia Melissa Nunn Hensley on 12/24/1849. in Texas? Napoleon Boneparte FERGUSSON, the son of the Robert Alexander Fergusson, Sr. and his first wife Lydia BOWDRY, married Rachel M. ROSS on 1/30/1850 in Fayette County, TX. Were the two Robert A. FERGUSSONS related?



Submitter: Charlotte Ellis Pate

Sarah Ann (Ellis) UNDERWOOD who married a Wm. or James ROBINSON in January 1841.Also searching for a James ELLIS, who was Sarah Ann's single brother and lived in Fayette Co. 1841-1860 or later. Sarah Ann ROBINSON'S daughters were:Mary Ann who married Jacob Hugh CARD and Susan who married W.R. Ragsdale. Any and all help appreciated. Thank you.



Submitter: Bill Dunn)

Seeking info on Robert Thornton (1844-1910), confederate veteran from VA who operated a livery stable in Schulenburg from c1865-c1875 and then returned to Halifax Co, VA and raised a family there. I have a letter to him dated 5/1/1877 from R. H. Franks, attorney in Schulenburg.



Submitter: Ann Davis Dunn

Seeking information on the Franz Guenther/Magdalena Seidenberger family who settled in Fayette County in ~1872. Descendents were the founders of the Guenther clinic in La Grange. Also info on the Kossbiel family who lived either in Fayette or Lavaca counties.


Surnames: COLLINS

Submitter: Dorothy Garcia




Submitter: Phil D. Wedemeyer

Looking for information on Briggs W. Hopson, shown in Census of 1840 as land holder in Colorado County. Married Mrs. Elizabeth Yates Gilliam King (widow) in 1843. They had daughter,Texanna Louise (married James V. Drake) and son Briggs William Hopson (married Nannie Wilkinson). All except the first Briggs buried in Old La Grange Cemetery.



Submitter: Vicki Watts

This is in regards to the query I submitted on Feb. 22, 1999. My E-mail address has changed. Please E-mail me at my new address: Vwatts75@aol.com


Surnames: BARON

Submitter: Patricia Baron

looking for information on family of August BARON from Prussia. He applied for Citizenship at Fayette County March 1856. Wife was Louise nee Kretschmer and children were Frances, Caroline, Emma, August, Louise and Oswald. Any help would be appreciated. i will be happy to share what I have.



Submitter: Rosemary Sodolak Ermis

TOBIAS, BATLA, KALLUS Mariana Reznicek Tobias, widow of Frantisek Tobias, emigrated to Fayette County with 3 children: Mariana m. 1892 Frank Ermis, Anna m. Joe Batla, & Josef F. m. 1905 Anna Hruska. Josef F. & Anna H. Tobias children: Mary Anna b. 1896, Joseph Frank b. 1898, Albina b. c1902, Amelia b. c1904, Rosie Caroline b. 1906, Erma b. c1910, Henry & Annie who married Anton Kallus My husband is a descendant of Mariana & Frank Ermis; would like to correspond with other family researchers of above names. RSErmis RErmis@compuserve.com


Surnames: KOCIAN

Submitter: Rosemary Sodolak Ermis

KOCIAN John KOCIAN m. 1868 Veronica BACA in Fayette County. Three children born: Anna b. 1868, John b. 1872 & Thomas b. 1874. Son John m. c1891 Emilie & had 8 children: Frank b. c1892, Julie b. c1894, John Vincent b. 1896, Emilie Amalia b. 1897, Rudolph Albert b. 1899, Amalia Anna b. 1901, Anna Catharina b. 1905, & Elo Stephan b. 1907 Son Thomas m. c1896 Rosie Stancik My husband is descendant from Veronica Baca's son Josef K. Baca; would like to connect with KOCIAN family researchers RSErmis RErmis@compuserve.com



Submitter: Rosemary Sodolak Ermis

ERMIS, BUZEK, KUCERA SABLATURA HORELICA Frantisek & Mariana Haluskova Ermis emigrated to Fayette County 1866. Children: 1)Agnes m. 1881 Frank Buzek 2)Theresa 1) m. 1895 Anton Hruska 2) 1912 John Zatopek 3)Frank m. 1892 Mariana Tobias 4)Mary Anna m. 1904 Joseph Kucera 5)Veronica Johanna m. 1896 John Sablatura 6)John m. 1895 Frances Pechal 7)Frances m. Charlie Sablatura 8)Emilie Juliana m. 1907 Joseph Horelica My husband is a descendant of Frank & Mariana Tobias Ermis; would like to correspond with other family researchers of above names RSErmis RErmis@compuserve.com



Submitter: James L. Boehm

I am seeking information on Joseph Beck of Texas. At this point I have no information on him. He was the father of Joseph Robert Beck (later adopted as Joseph John Boehm) and Adolphinia Beck. Wife was Theresa Malcher of Austria. Joseph Robert was born April 23, 1892 in Schulenburg, Fayette County TX. Theresa had remarried by 1897. Did Joseph die, who was he, where was he from. Any help on this ancestor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.... James Boehm



Submitter: Winnie Howard

Searching for info on parents of Johann Ludwig Wilhelm Geldmacher b Adorf, Waldeck, 1837 and wife Marie Luise Wilhelmine Schulze b 1842 in Annaburg, Germany. They married 1864 in Round Top and son, Otto born there in 1865. Wilhelm arrived in Galveston in 1850 on board the Iris. Marie traveled with an aunt and uncle (possibly Carl and Sophie Schulze) aboard the Fortuna arriving in 1860. Lived in Round Top, Shelby, Welcome before moving to Taylor in Williamson Co.



Submitter: Donald V. Sims

simms, gates



Submitter: Kay McMahan

I am researching these names from the Fayette County area: VASUT, HOLAN, SLOVACEK, DESCENSKY, NOSKA, HORAK. I am willing to share what I habve. Please contact me if you are working on these same families. Thanks, Kay



Submitter: Doris DELL

William J. HUNT1,2 was born on 14 Jan 1816 in Tennessee.3 He resided at Washington County about 1838 in Republic of Texas. In 1837 he applied for a 640 acre land grant. William J. Hunt had accompanied his parents and younger siblings from Talledega County, Alabama, to Texas. Various family members stated on their land applications that they arrived in Texas in November of 1837. Father George W. Hunt died, August of 1838, in Washington County. It is not clear when the Hunts left Washington County. George's estate was probated in Bastrop where William, brother John Campbell and mother Lydia Campbell Hunt are shown on the 1840 Census. He owned Headright of 640 acres on 11 Jul 1839.4 He appeared on census in 1840 from Bastrop County, Republic of Texas.5 1840 Census of the Republic of Texas Bastrop County, page 8: Lydia Hunt, John C. Hunt, William J. Hunt. 8 Jan 1842 named in Probate of George Hunt--father's Personal Property.6 27 Oct 1845 William named in the will of brother John C. Hunt. He owned land in 1848 in Hayes County, Texas. He resided at Fayetteville after 1851 in Fayette County, Texas.7 HISTORY OF FAYETTE COUNTY, page 310, William Hunt, County Commissioner, 1851 William Hunt has not been located on the 1850 U. S. Census. He appeared on census in 1860 from U. S. Census, Fayette County, Texas.8 Shows Lydia Evelyn "Liddy" 5 years old: William Hunt 44, M Framer Real Estate $12,000, Personal Property $14,000, born Tenn. Lucinda 28, F Born GA John D 21, M Born TX Elizabeth 17, F " Sarah 13, F " Martha 11, F " Alexander 8, M " Liddy 5, F " Mary F. 3, F " Aliz 8/12, F " Shown as a separate dwelling ajacent, Elizabeth Gaines 66, F Born AL Lucinda's mother--Elizabeth Herndon Gaines was born in Virginia and returned to Alabama. He served in the military on 8 Jan 1861 in War between the States.9 Served--Dixie Gray's, 1st lieutenant under Captain Cook. Muster Roll of a Volunteer Company of Infantry, Organized at La Grange, Fayette County, Texas 8th day of June 1861 of the active or first class and having its headquarters at La Grange in said County and known and called by the name of Dixie Grays. Company Officers: Captain Joseph J. Cook 1st Lieut. Wm. HUNT 2nd Lieut Wm. Ligon 3rd Lieut. J. S. Powell 1st Sergant M. F. Cook 2nd Sergant James O'Daniel 3rd Sergant John D. HUNT 4th Sergant John Trousdale 5th Sergant John Trousdale He died on 17 Aug 1864 in La Grange, Fayette County, Texas. Killed in the Court House by Nathaniel Womble in dispute over property. It has been suggested that this "dispute" was over a poker game. He was buried in Old City Cemetery, La Grange, Fayette County, Texas. Buried adjacent to wife Loucinda Gaines. Lot #122/#2. Other family members nearby. He was a member of the Christian Church. The Christian Church was built by Colonel J. H. Moore whose daughter Mary E. Moore married William's oldest son John Dillard Hunt. Colonel Moore was a hero of the Texas Revolution and of the Indian Wars. The Colonel's daughter Tabitha Moore married Captain Ira Killough. He was named after grandfather William Campbell and uncle William R. Hunt. He was married to Loucinda Hunter GAINES (daughter of John GAINES and Elizabeth Rucker HERNDON) in Jul 1836 in Talladega County, Alabama.10 Marriage records in Talledega, Talledega County, Alabama Book 1834 A-1, Page 90 Ceremony performed by Thomas Cox, M. G. Another Edition? Marriage Record Book "A" page 119, License Date and Return 27 Jul 1837. This is the same with other siblings Rachel and Martha. Most of the other licenses show a one or more days delay in the return. Name given as Lucinda A. Loucinda Hunter GAINES8 was born on 28 Jan 1821 in Elbert County, Georgia. She appeared on census in 1870 from U. S. Census, Fayette County, Texas, West of Caldwell Road, p 11, Dwelling 71. Lydia Evelyn Hunt shown on this census as Eveline. Hunt, Lucinda 49, F, W, Keeps House, Born ALA Mattie 21, F, W, Works out Born Texas Alex 19, M, W, Field Hand " Eveline 15, F, W, Home " Mollie 13, F, W, Home " Alice 10, F, W, Home " Willie 9, F, W, Home " Duncan, Joe 23, M, W. Field Hand Born ALA Joseph Duncan is Lucinda's nephew, son of deceased sister Charlotte. She died on 26 Oct 1886 in Fayette County, Texas. She was buried in Old City Cemetery, La Grange, Fayette County, Texas. After the end of the War between the States, life must have been very difficult for a widow with a son--recently married, another young son and six daughters. William J. HUNT and Loucinda Hunter GAINES had the following children: i. John Dillard HUNT. ii. Elizabeth A. HUNT. iii. Sarah P. HUNT was born on 25 Oct 1846. She died on 14 Aug 1861. She was buried in Old City Cemetery, La Grange, Fayette County, Texas. iv. Martha Ann HUNT. v. Alexander David HUNT was born in 1851. He died before 1896. vi. Lydia E. HUNT widow HALL. vii. Mary F. HUNT. viii. Alice L. HUNT. ix. Willie Lou HUNT. SOURCES 1. Lotto, Fred. HISTORY OF FAYETTE COUNTY William Hunt, page 310. Schulenberg, Texas: Frank Lotto, 1902. page 310. 2. Fayette Public Library Archive Folders on Hunt Family and Rogers Family. 3. 1860 U. S. CENS., Fayette County, TX. 4. Ericson, Carolyn Ree. FIRST SETTLERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS, VOL. I Head Rights and Land Grants January 1840. Austin, Texas: Cruger and Wing 1841. Reprint 1982. 5. White, Gifford E.. 1840 CITIZENS OF TEXAS Census of Republic of Texas. Austin, Texas: G. White, 1983. (Vol 2 1840 Census of Republic of Texas,) 1966. 6. BASTROP COUNTY PROBATE COURT MINUTES, Volume B, pages 131-134. 7. Lotto, Fred. HISTORY OF FAYETTE COUNTY William Hunt, page 310. Schulenberg, Texas: Frank Lotto, 1902. 8. 1860 U. S. CENS., Fayette County, TX. page 85, Dwelling 646, Family 812. 9. Weyland, Leonie Rummer and Wade, Houston. EARLY HISTORY OF FAYETTE COUNTY. page 273. 10. Gandrud, Pauline. ALABAMA RECORDS John Hunt in Vol 59 William R. Hunt mentioned in Vols 12, 15, 177, 113 George W. Hunt mentioned in Vol 23 Others 35, 53, 60, 80, 127, 143, 147, 165, 173 Volume 51, Talledega County, Alabama.



Submitter: Peggy Isbell

Looking for information regarding John "Wiley" KAY and his wife, Huldah SCHMIDT KAY. Wiley and his wife came from Edgefield District, SC to Texas. They arrived in Texas in 1836-37 and had at least 12 children. I have information on their children and am willing to share what I have. Where are Wiley(1800-04 - ca.1864-65)and Huldah (1800-04 - Mar 1847)buried?? They resided in Round Top(Fayette Co.)Texas. Surnames included in children's marriages are: MITCHELL, JONES, CARUTHERS, LAWRENCE, BLASINGAME, STILLWELL, BRADBERRY, CARSNER, BELL and ANDREWS.



Submitter: Carin Bentley

Willing to share info on all family members of the surnames listed. Thanks, Carin



Submitter: Rob Risko

I am researching several families from the Round Top, Ross Prairie, and small communities from Washington Co. areas that came from Germany. The surnames I am researching are Behnke, Beyer, Ebner, Hoermann, Regiene, and Diedrich Muller. Most of these surnames were from Posen, Prussia. I am trying to locate the exact village they immigrated from the 1850s to 1880s.



Submitter: Nancy Page

There was more than one Charles LOCKHART. Wm."Charles" LOCKHART was the brother of Byrd LOCKHART and Charles LOCKHART their nephew the son of Samuel LOCKHART. Which Charles was the original surveyor of the City of LOCKHART?



Submitter: Vicki Watts

Am looking for information about William LEBKOWSKY, b.Nov. 23, 1853 in Germany, d.Jul. 29, 1937 in Falls Co., TX, and his wife Agnes (HEINE) LEBKOWSKY, b.Feb. 25, 1862 (don't know where), and died May 13, 1937 in Falls Co., TX. I know that at least one of their children, Marie Elizabeth LEBKOWSKY was born in Fayette Co. Jan. 19, 1881 (Marie later married Gerhard EHLERS and lived in Falls Co.) The LEBKOWSKY children were: Marie, Ernest, Adolf, Paul, Laura, and Fred. I am told that at some point Gerhard Ehlers came to work for William and Agnes LEBKOWSKY and lived with them, and eventually married their daughter, Marie. I am interested in any information about Gerhard EHLERS as well.



Submitter: Morris George

My grandfather, Edwin George,Sr. married Ella Josephine Baker Jan.3, 1895 in LaGrange,Fayette Co. I am trying to find who the parents of Ella were. Any help would be appreciated.



Submitter: Barbara Meunier

Im looking for any and all information on the O'BAR family that settled in Fayette Co. 1838-1842. Names of this family are:Alfred, Carson, John, Mary E.(mother), and Charlotte T. Alexander came to Tx. a little later, about 1850-1854. My main line is John, his wife's name was Nancy L. ?. John died in Jul 1842, his wife Nancy L. remarried to Thomas Hodges 8 Oct 1846. John and Nancy L. had the following children: Frances Adeline, George T., Susan A.E., and John M. The last 3 children were listed as minors with A. Bostick as guardian. John M. married Ann ?. This couple had three children: Alonzo, Mary, and Nannie. Any help with the O'Bar family is greatly appreciated.



Submitter: Margie Mashek Davis

Looking for info about births, marriages, and old homestead of the Vaclav Masek (also spelled Mashek)before he can to McLennan County(West, TX) He married Rosa Soukup and had many children, most in West. One child was Joseph Mashek, the grandfather that I never saw. He married Katherine Bednar. All these folks except Joseph traveled from Czechoslovakia to TX by boat. They settled in Fayette County. Any info will help.



Submitter: Dorothy Garcia

Date: 13 Feb 1999

I am looking for info.on DICK COLLINS HE IS My GGrand-father born1851 to1907 died in LEESVILLE TX. Daughter,RACHEL COLLINS BUTTLER born1886 to 1968, son JOHN(PINCKY)COLLINS, DAUG.KATIE COLLINS. I do not know her mother, (mygrand-mother RACHEL)also called DUKES. I FOUND OR HEARD THEY LIVED IN FAYETTE CO. AT ONE TIME, 1870 OR 1880 THANK SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP



Submitter: Pat Treadwell

Am currently searching for the family of John Adams LATHAM, and his wife, Phebe DANIELS LATHAM who apparently lived there near Flatonia, in Fayette Co. in Apr. 1928 when John died. I don't know how long they lived there. Any help appreciated. Pat Treadwell


Surnames: WATSON

Submitter: Nathan Finney

Date: 04 Feb 1999

Looking for a Billy and Sally Watson. Billy Watson is listed in the 1870 Texas census as in Fayette Co. Need info on marriage license, and possibly military records and naturalization. He served in the civil war under an indian teritory regiment. May be listed as white. Any simple search would be appreciated. thank you.



Submitter: Susan Cox

My husband's great-grandfather was Wesley Leroy Taylor, born 25 Apr 1858 in Fayette Co. He married Clara A. Lewis, born 31 Aug 1863 in Fayette Co. Looking for any information on the Taylors or Lewises. Thanks!



Submitter: Marilyn Hay

Looking for any information on the following families: John Yancey Criswell, Johan August Nikel (Nykel) Johanna Hedwig Sebesta Lee F. T. Cottle



Submitter: Kathleen Tempel Elkins

Carl Johann Rudolph Schiege (Charles Schiege, Sr.) married Caroline Rosalie Shubert circa 1855. Where were they married? When did they first come to Texas? Kathleen Tempel Elkins



Submitter: Roy Heller

I am looking for any information concerning the Heller family in Fayette Co. My great-great-grandfather moved to Fayette Co. in the 1830's and settled in the community of Walhalla. He had three sons (William F., Louis, and Tom) and a daughter whose name I do not know. They are listed in histories as one of the founding families of Walhalla but I have found little more about them. My great-grandfather was Tom Heller who eventually moved to Millett, TX.



Submitter: Paula White

Date: 27 Jan 1999

Looking for descendents of Wilhelm Buehring. Son: Albert, b 1859, married Ada, children: Willie b 1902, Alma b 1903, Hulda b 1906, Edna b 1908 Daughter: Doretta 1864-1917 (my ggm) m Emil Kuehl Daughter: Augusta 1867-1949, m Otto Marburger, children: Albert W b 1887, Clara b 1891, Arthur b 1892 Son: Theodore b 1872 m Lula, children: Fredrick b 1915, Elizabeth b 1919 Daughter: Hermine b 1874 Daughter: Matilda b 1879 Have copies of old family photos believed to be from this side of the family that would like to identify.



Submitter: Wynell Simpson

Searching for others with the families of Ernst Otto Aloisa Billimek John Bruns Josephine Pauler in Fayette Co., TX



Submitter: Phyllis Cowan

I'm researching the Maeckel family who lived in Fayette County around 1900. The given names were John, Ernst or Earnest and E.H. John Maeckel married Viola Simpson in the 1880's. Thanks for any help you can give me. Phyllis Cowan



Submitter: Arlis Schmidt

BAUER: Am searching for Carl Herman Bauer and his wife Eva Plagge. They immigrated to Fayette Co. in about 1848. They had al least one daughter Pauline who was born 9/23/1853. She married Edward G. Schmidt in San Antonio in 1874. Eventually, Edward and Pauline moved to Eagle Pass, Texas where they raised their family. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Arlis



Submitter: Charlotte Ellis Pate

ELLIS, DEXTER, ROBINSON, RAGSDALE, RAGLAND, KERR Looking for information on Sarah Ann Ellis ROBINSON who is to have been buried in Flatonia, Tx. She came to Texas from Conecuh County Al. and was reported to have an unmarried brother, last name Ellis, and another family of Dexters with her. Her daughters were Mary Ann and Susan Prentiss Robinson. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.



Submitter: Charlotte Ellis Pate

ELLIS, DEXTER, ROBINSON, RAGSDALE, RAGLAND, KERR Looking for information on Sarah Ann Ellis ROBINSON who is to have been buried in Flatonia, Tx. She came to Texas from Conecuh County Al. and was reported to have an unmarried brother, last name Ellis, and another family of Dexters with her. Her daughters were Mary Ann and Susan Prentiss Robinson. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.



Submitter: Phyllis Maeckel

I'm researching the MAECKEL family who lived in Fayette County from approximately 1860 forward. One marriage involved a John Maeckel and Viola Simpson. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks, Phyllis Cowan


Surnames: HOEFFERT

Submitter: Kay Story

Interested in any information on family of George Hoeffert and family who lived in Fayette County between 1880's till his death in 1914. He was married to Sophia (last name unknown). Children were: (1) Gertrude (married John Mitchon) (2) Wilhemine (married Henry J. Meyer) (3) George (4) Ellen Agnes (married Henry Crouch) (5) Stella Rose (married Charles Vogt) and (6) Addie (married D.R. Luce). Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Submitter: Michael Ray

I am looking for the marriage certificate or death certificate of the following people Julia Price, Louis Ray, J.W. Dobbins, Annie Randles, Wash Randal, Ann Randal, Fred Dobbins. I know that Wash and Ann are found in Fayette County as early as 1880. They are included in the 1880 Census.



Submitter: Susie Toal

RESEARCH: Major Smith, John Douglass, John Alley. Was James Alley the son of John Alley. Need family background information on the above.


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