Praha S.P.J.S.T. Cemetery

Also known as Slavonic Cemetery.

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The following was taken from Slovanska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texas Hrbitov, copyrighted 1999,
with the permission of the author, Norman C. Krischke. The full text can be viewed at the Fayette Heritage Museum & Archives.

The Slovanska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texas Hrbitov (SPJST Cemetery) at Praha, Fayete County, Texas was established 16 October 1886 by the Cesko-Slovansky Poporujici Spolek No. 104, titled: "Rad Texan" (Czech-slovak Benevolent Society - C.S.P.S.) and the Praha Reading Society (Cetni Spolek) upon purchase of one acre of land in the J. C. Duff League from Anton and Marie Kulhanek for $20.00. The land is located on the north side of Mulberry Creek Road with gate one-tenth mile west of FM-1295 opposite St. Mary's Cemetery [Praha Catholic Cemetery]. The plot of ground measures 37 1/2 varas by 150 varas (104 feet by 416 feet).

The SPJST Cemetery is bounded by a cedar post-barbed wire fence on the north and east sides. A similar fence was located on the west side but is now gone. The south fence was of cedar post-barbed wire with wood rails at top and bottom. The entrance gate was of wood; now gone. The first grave was that of Jakub Wincik whose tombstone is inscribed in both Czech and English. He was born 8 July 1841 and died 8 July 1892. All tombstones face to the east. There is one brick lined grave that is unmarked.

 Photos contributed by Lillie Mae Brightwell
Dusek, Aneska
22 Sep 1841
13 Feb 1919
First husband, Franz Zabransky, died in Europe. Immigrated from Moravia, married Frank Josef Dusek ca 1882. [1]
Dusek, Fratisek
15 Mar 1839
14 Jul 1923
Dusek, Rosalie
27 Jun 1861
9 Feb 1893
Hanna, Amalia
29 May 1880
30 May 1901
Hanna, Frank J.
20 Feb 1851
29 Sep 1931
Fayette County Death Record, Vol. 5, page 230: Frank J. Hanna, born 20 February 1851 in Czechoslovakia, died 29 September 1931 of Senility. Widowed. Lived on farm. Aged 80 yrs, 7 mos, 9 dys. Died at 4:00 p.m. Buried Praha Cemetery. S/Fred Hanna
Hanna, Marie
28 Feb 1861
12 Oct 1917
Wife of Frank J. Hanna
Hlavik, Frantisek
6 Nov 1830
11 Mar 1914
Fayette County Death Record, Vol. 3, page 43: Frank Hlavik born 6 November 1833, died 11 March 1914 of heart failure. Farmer. Buried Praha, Texas. S/Margreta Hlavik
Sudden death while eating a meal. Heart failure. Aged 80 yrs, 4 Mos, 5 dys. S/Dr. A.M. Kotzebue
Horak, Josef
8 Sep 1904
Aged 84 years
Nesrsta, Frank J.
12 Feb 1884
12 Oct 1913
Fayette County Death Record, Vol. 2, page 216: Frank J. Nesrsta, born 12 February 1884, died 12 October 1913. Married, Farmer. Born Fayette County, Texas to Charles and Katerina (Kopecky) Nesrsta. Buried 13 October 1913. S/C.F. Nesrsta.
Don't know cause of death, probably natural causes. He was found on bed of his own home. Contributor: Alcoholism. S/Dr. A.M. Kotzebue
Vlasek, Veronika
No data; "J" is reversed on stone.
Wincik, Jakub
8 Jul 1841
8 Jul 1892
Came to America in 1882
Wincik, Jan
4 Mar 1887
4 Jul 1894
1. Information from Marcia Zabransky, who wrote that Aneska Zabransky immigrated with two children, Anton and Marie. She later sent for her two grandchildren, Antonia and Frank Joseph Zabransky, who were 9 and 5 years old and came over on a ship by themselves.

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