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The following was taken from Pine Springs Cemetery, ©1997 with the permission of the author, Norman C. Krischke:

Pine Springs Cemetery was started in 1853 upon the burial of Elizabeth Frances Menefee who died 11 April 1853. The last burial was Martha Ogden Burke who died 5 February 1898. Elizabeth Menefee was a daughter of William and Agnes (Sutherland) Menefee. Agnes died 28 February 1859 and was buried next to Elizabeth. When William deid in 1875, he ws buried next to his wife, Agnes. Both William and Agnes were moved to the State Cemetery in Austin in 1935.

The neighborhood built a church at Pine Springs called the Pine Springs Methodist Episcopal Church, South. It was located on the east side of the cemetery and on the north side of the walkway to the cemetery. The church burned to the ground on Sunday, 26 September 1880.

The cemetery fell into ruin up until 1968 when Mrs. Gregg Ring restored it. At the time thirty marked monuments were found with evidence of over eighty other graves. Today the cemetery is again in ruins.

Weimar Mercury, June 19, 1931


The grave of William Menefee, a Fayette county man who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence, was located in the Pine Springs cemetery near Flatonia Wednesday by L. W. Kemp, member of the Texas State Historical Board, assisted by Mrs. Geo. Willrich and Mrs. J. B. Garrard of La Grange.

The grave was located with some difficulty in the little cemetery and was marked by a small monument in a crumbling condition. The cemetery was overgrown with high grass and weeds.--LaGrange Record.

Helton, Maria B.
Wife of J. F. Helton, daughter of J.C. & M. Wallace. Stone erected by descendants of her 3 children, 1984
Brown, Betty H.
15 Jan 1856
26 Apr 1886
Brown, Infant
Inscription on Betty H. Brown's tomstone. No dates. Small footstone inscribed "IB" used head stone; IB stands for Infant Brown.
Brown, Cora Ruth
26 Apr 1886
Aged 5 mo & 3 dys. Inscription on Betty H. Brown's tombstone; foot stone CRB on grave.
Tansey, Thomas
6 Aug 1877
Born in Leicestershire, England, died in Fayette County, TX, aged 84 years
Burke, Sammie E.
6 Sep 1847
11 Mar 1878
Nee Sloan, wife of B. F. Burke; born in Carthage, TN; died in Fayette County, TX
Burke, Infant
27 Feb 1878
Daughter of B. F. and S. E. Burke, no birth date.
Quarles, Infant
Child of D. W. and M. E. Quarles, no dates on stone. "Budded on earth to Blossom in Heaven."
McDonald, Henry D.
16 Jul 1863
30 Jan 1875
Bridges, Adeline F.
5 Mar 1876
13 Jan 1879
Daughter of J. & M. Bridges
Goode, Blanch
1 Feb 1878
31 Jul 1878
Aged 6 months.
Kennon, Willie Clay
8 Nov 1876
1 Dec 1876
Aged 29 dys
Brandt, Laura J.
6 Jul 1836
8 May 1871
Wife of H. C. Brandt
Burns, Mary Ann
28 Dec 1812
10 Sep 1887
Born in Kenshaw Dist., S.C.; died in Flatonia, TX; wife of Dennis Burns
Burns, Dennis
2 Jun 1794
3 May 1868
Born in Camden, S.C.; died in Fayette County
Faires, Charles D.
27 Feb 1873
8 May 1874
Born and died in Fayette County, TX; son of J. W. & H. J. Faires; aged 1y 2m 10d.
Sloan, Infant
3 Feb 1877
"Our Little Baby;" daughter of M.J. & A. E. Sloan; no date of death
Menefee, Elizabeth Frances
19 Sep 1837
11 Apr 1853
First grave in cemetery according to tombstone. Inscription on south side of stone. Daughter of William and Agnes Menefee.
Menefee, Agnes S.
22 Aug 1794
26 Feb 1859
Nee Sutherland, wife of William Menefee. Remains removed to State Cemetery, Austin, in 1935. Inscription on east side of stone with daughter, Elizabeth, and husband, William. Brass plaque on east side of stone.
Menefee, William
11 May 1796
29 Oct 1875
Remains moved to State Cemetery, Austin, in 1935. Signed Texas Declaration of Independence
Menefee, Annie Pattrick
1 Oct 1863
11 Jan 1872
Daughter of Q.M. and L. Menefee
Menefee, Quin Morton
11 Aug 1830
5 Sep 1867
Son of William and Agnes Menefee. Born in Morgan Co., Ala; died in Fayette Co, Tx; married Mary E. "Lizzie" Penn
Menefee, D. M.
Inscription on 1965 survey but stone was missing in 1968. This site has a foundation stone on which the monument may have rested.
Campbell, Lenora
7 Aug 1857
25 Aug 1873
Daughter of M.H. & Ann Campbell. Was a member of the M.E. Church, South; died in Peace.
McLaughlin, Leonides
5 Jan 1833
7 Feb 1872
Byler, Abraham
3 May 1792
31 Jan 1875
Byler, Rhoda
9 Feb 1807
13 Jun 1884
Gillespie, W. F.
26 Apr 1874
Aged 72 years
Burke, James
20 Oct 1797
22 Mar 1873
Born in Jefferson Co, KY; died in Fayette Co, TX
Burke, Martha Ogden
5 Jun 1805
5 Feb 1897
Born in North Carolina; died in Fayette Co, TX; wife of James Burke. Last grave in cemetery.
Cocke, Ella Florence
18 Nov 1869
2 Jul 1884
Daughter of B.W. and A.J. Cocke
Burke, Willie
21 Jun 1878
27 Jul 1880
Son of P.P. and Winnie Burke. Fayette County Marriage Rrecord shows P.P. Burke married Winnie W. Smith 10 March 1869
Sullivan, E. J.
4 Mar 1820
11 May 1878
Just north of site 7 there are two sandstones with a large letter "S" on each. The letter, scratched into the stone, is about 10 inches high. Probably members of the Sloan family.

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