Old Flatonia Cemetery

Also known as Wiedemann Family Cemetery.


The Flatonia City Cemetery was surveyed May 4 1870 by F.A. Perlitz. The name was changed to the Old Flatonia Cemetery about 1873 when the present town of Flatonia was founded along the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railroad Line several miles to the north. The oldest surviving marked grave is for Johann Muecke who died November 19, 1874.
According to the Joe Cole Cemetery Survey of May 20, 1958 this site is located 2 miles west of Praha and 3 miles south of Flatonia on the Old Hallettsville Road. At one time it covered about 4 acres with graves scattered all over. Mr. Cole first visited the site in 1938 and when he returned 20 years later he states: It was a sad sight to see, There are only three stone left." [Joe Cole #085W] The site was no better off in 1979, when Walter Freytag of the local Historical Commission received a letter from a descendant of Gerhard Siems. Cows had been allowed to graze about the site for years.

On November 18, 1993, Kathy Carter and Fayette County Judge Edward Janecka visited the site with James Wiedemann. Ten stones were found at that time. The Wiedemann, Koch & Siems graves have individual fences around them. The site has several fences running through and across it and cows were still roaming the site.

Norman C. Krischke revisited and surveyed the site in April 2000 and found the Thoms stone, which he dug up from in front of the foundation stone. The following was taken from Old Flatonia Cemetery (Wiedemann Family Cemetery), © 2000, with the permission of the author, Norman C. Krischke. The full text can be viewed at the Fayette Heritage Museum & Archives.

Kloss, Hugo
18 Sep 1887
Child's concrete grave frame. Probably a son of Adam and Emma (Wiedemann) Kloss. Adam, 1853-1921 and Emma, 1857-1948, are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Flatonia. They were married 28 December 1862.
Koch, Wilhelm
7 Mar 1809
10 Aug 1878
Muecke, Johann H.
3 Aug 1802
19 Nov 1874
Oldest marked grave
Thoms, J. H.
19 Feb 1792
10 Nov 1875
From Schweewarden Herzogthum, Oldenburg
Siems, Gerhard
28 Feb 1835
15 May 1881
Married Josephine Brod 6 April 1869 (Fayette County Marriage Record, Vol. C, page 439); full name was Heinrich Gerhard Siems
Wiedemann, J. Theo Hugo
23 May 1860
24 May 1887
son of J. Chr. & M. Wiedemann
Wiedemann, Johann F. C.
3 Nov 1825
27 Aug 1888
Husband of Mathilde (Schmidt) Wiedemann
Wiedemann, Mathilde
17 Mar 1834
5 Dec 1920
Nee Schmidt, wife of John F. C. Wiedemann, married on 15 Feb 1852 (Fayette County Marriage Record, Vol. 8, page 45)
Wiedemann, Mathilde
20 May 1855
28 Oct 1936
Fayette County Death Record, Vol. 6, page 467: trained nurse, daughter of John Wiedemann and Mathilde Schmidt, senility
Wiedemann, Viola
Apr 1890
Apr 1890
Daughter of Frederick J. C.and Wilhelmina (Brune) Wiedemann; died at birth; unmarked grave
Wiedemann, Wilhelmina
18 Feb 1866
27 Apr 1890
Daughter of William Brune, 1833-1888, and Elsie Brune, 1840-1914, both buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Flatonia. She married Frederich Johann Christian Wiedemann 20 Mar 1888 (Fayette County Marriage Records, Vol. 4, page 402). Wilhelmina died during childbirth and her baby, Viola, died at the same time. After her death, Frederich married Hedwig Brune, her sister.