Land Records

View Land Survey Abstract Indices of the Original Land Owners of Fayette County, Texas online at the Fayette County Archives of the USGenWeb Archives Project.

The LDS Texas Research Outline includes a discussion of land records, including terminology.

The Texas State Library and Archives has microfilm that you can get through interlibrary loan.

The Texas General Land Office has a web page that you can visit.


Land Grants by Spain and Mexico

Between 1716 and 1836, many large land tracts were granted by Spain and Mexico. From 1823 to 1830 Mexico started a Colonization Policy where each colony had a land office. These land offices were closed in 1835 by the provisional government of Texas prior to the Revolution.

Records of headright grants prior to March 1st, 1936 are at the Texas General Land Office.

See a transcription of the 1824 land grant to John Petty that gave him land in what later became Fayette County.


Grants by the State Republic of Texas

In February 1837, the Texas General Land Office was established in Austin. Documents available include:

County Land Records

Private land transfers are handled at the County level and have been recorded by the County Clerk. Microfilm can also be obtained though the Texas State Library and Archives.


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