Halamicek Cemetery


29°57'35"N 96°41'16"W

From the Historic Texas Cemetery Marker:

When their infant daughter, Klara, died in 1899, Frank and Josephine Pustejovsky laid her to rest on this land owned by relatives Peter (1857-1927) and Rosina (1859-1919) Krystinek. Later that year, the Krystineks conveyed one acre around her grave to John M. Halamicek, Joseph Pokorney and Frank Pustejovsky, among others, for use as a cemetery for the growing community of Roznov. John (1855-1941) and Anna (1865-1939) Halamicek came here in 1885. Naming their settlement after John's birthplace in Czechoslovakia. Their investment in this area is reflected in the names of friends and family members remembered here.

This cemetery is located 5 miles east of Fayetteville at the junction of FM 1291 and C.H. Allen Road. It is fenced and covers about one acre of land.

Photograph provided by Julia Neeley

This list of burials in the Halamicek Cemetery was provided by Kathy Havran.

Bernshausen, David 07-24-1940 05-01-2003 Son of Julia Havlik and Herbert H. Bernshausen
Bernshausen, Herbert Henry 10-01-1911 08-10-1996
Bernshausen, Julia Havlik Marker only; daughter of Julia Halamicek and Charles J. Havlik, Sr.; married Herbert Bernshausen
Cordes, Edwin Bernard 08-23-1888 11-06-1957
Cordes, Olga Halamicek 09-30-1894 02-02-1941
Halamicek, Anna Baron 08-25-1865 11-26-1939
Halamicek, Ben Method 07-21-1908 04-10-1997
Halamicek, Bessie Bounds 12-05-1901 01-16-1990
Halamicek, Henry Otto 02-12-1897 11-09-1975
Halamicek, John 1819 1875 Memorial only; interred in Fayetteville Cemetery; father of John M. Halamicek
Halamicek, John Method 03-07-1855 01-16-1941
Halamicek, Sharon Gayle 09-11-1962 05-18-2002 Daughter of Marlene Blezinger and Ben L. Halamicek
Halamicek, Vlasta Sula 11-05-1913 02-17-1993
Hamell, Orelia Sanders 1892 1991
Havlik, Charles John Sr. 02-27-1884 05-23-1971
Havlik, Julia Emily Halamicek 06-13-1889 03-03-1989
Havlik, Infant Boy and Girl 1927 1927
Havran, Anita Jane 04-08-1914 11-23-1999
Havran, Victor Peter 08-01-1913 06-24-1987 Memorial
Krystinek, Peter 01-14-1857 08-01-1927
Krystinek, Rosina 01-13-1859 02-01-1919
Naiser, Johnnie 04-26-1926 04-23-2000
Naiser, Dorothy J. Marker only
Novosad, George A. 03-01-1931 01-05-2003
Novosad, George E. 08-27-1957 09-30-1995 Married Glinda M. Halamicek 07-26-1986
Pustejovsky, Klara 04-10-1898 06-03-1899
Sirey, Martha Berniece Havlik 04-17-1923 04-21-1995
Stanley, Stanley Anne (Lee) 03-04-1968 11-11-2015 Married John Stanley, Jr. on 10-03-1998
Unidentified Sandstone head and foot marker, no inscription
Wenske, Macy Renee 07-19-1993 07-20-1993
Wisley, Kenneth H. 01-05-1955 03-19-1980

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