Gosch Cemetery

3 miles south of Cistern
Johann "Jacob" Gosch's first wife died in Mundelsheim, Wurttemberg, Germany on December 20, 1847, three weeks after giving birth to twins. In 1852 Jacob, his three sons and two daughters, boarded "The Clementine" bound for Texas. His oldest son, Jacob Friedrich Gosch [Jacob Gosch, Jr.], married Mary Beck while en route to Galveston where the family landed on October 30, 1852. Jacob Sr. married his second wife, Fredricka Kohler, in 1854 and she bore him a son and three daughters.

The Gosch Cemetery is off FM 1115 between properties owned by Clarence M. Hallmark and Maxine Johnson Kelly. Take Highway 95 from Flatonia to Cistern and turn left on FM 1115. Two or three miles after you make the left turn onto FM 1115 there is a gate between a brick home and barn and an old house. Contact Clarence M. Hallmark about visiting the cemetery and he will be happy to guide you to the cemetery.

There are twenty-two (22) Gosch related graves, two (2) Doyles, two (2) Holubecs, and four (4) Elsik related graves for a total of 30 known graves as of October 1, 2002. The unmarked graves of the Gosch, Milhaske, and Morris infants are located immediately west of Mary and Jacob Gosch, Jr. They are bordered by bricks. Several other graves have been marked only recently. The cemetery is enclosed by a cyclone fence.


Many thanks to Clarence M. Hallmark, a Gosch descendant, for providing the information above as well as the following list of grave sites.
Calhoun, Ira Edwin - September 25, 1911 - November 26, 1926, son of Minnie (Gosch) Calhoun and Lee Calhoun. Minnie was the daughter of Christopher and Annie Gosch.

Doyle, William - April 17, 1830 - August 12, 1911

Doyle, Elizabeth - December 25, 1932 - July 10, 1910, wife of William Doyle

Elsik, Stepan - Oct 13, 1843 - Feb 2, 1920, photo on marker

Elsik, Stepany - Jul 4, 1852 - Jan 20, 1901, son of Stephan and Terezie Elsik

Elsik, Terezie - 1849 - Sep 4, 1939, wife of Stepan Elsik, photo on marker

Gosch, Annie Frances (Holland) - July 5, 1852 - February 24, 1926, wife of Christopher H. Gosch

Gosch, Carol Joyce - May 19, 1933 - December 10, 1990 , wife of William Charles Gosch

Gosch, Carolina - January 28, 1855 - May 7, 1871, daughter of Mary (Beck) and Jacob Gosch, Jr.

Gosch, Charles - April 26, 1869 - March 10, 1871, son of Mary (Beck) and Jacob Gosch, Jr.

Gosch, Christopher H. - March 17, 1858 - April 12, 1908, Woodman of the World tombstone

Gosch, Fredricka (Kohler) - October 9, 1826 - August 23, 1889, second wife of Jacob Gosch, Sr., born in Germany

Gosch, Herman - 1890?, son of Fredricka (Kohler) and Jacob Gosch, Sr., father of Clarence and Winston Gosch

Gosch, Jacob, Jr. - April 27, 1834 - February 9, 1915, son of Christina Friederika (Grafenauer) and Johann "Jacob" Gosch

Gosch, Jacob, Sr. - December 25, 1806 - February 20, 1884, full name was Johann Jacob Gosch, born in Germany, son of Christiana (Weick) and Jacob Gosch

Gosch, Jesse C. - May 24, 1880 - March 15, 1884

Gosch Infant, son of Henry and Emma Gosch, unmarked except for a brick border.

Gosch, Lillie Belle - Infant daughter of Carrie Belle (Helms) Gosch and Ambrose Gosch

Gosch, Lou (Gray) -1890?, wife of Herman Gosch, mother of Clarence and Winston Gosch.

Gosch, Mary (Beck) - August 18, 1832 - February 6, 1906, wife of Jacob Gosch, Jr.

Gosch, William Charles, - March 1, 1936 - October 24, 1997, son of Carrie Belle (Helms) Gosch and Ambrose Gosch

Harsch, Henry - September 22, 1846 - May 27, 1919

Harsch, Mary (Gosch) - August 8, 1858 - August 12, 1888, daughter of Fredricka and Jacob Gosch Sr, wife of Henry Harsch.

Heneaery, Barbara (Gosch) - December 10, 1847 - January 28, 1880, born in Germany, full name was Eva Barbara, daughter of of Christina Friederika (Grafenauer) and Jacob Gosch, Sr. , wife of Zack Heneaery.

Heneaery, Dora - daughter of Barbara (Gosch) Heneaery and Zack Heneary, grave marked by stainless steel cross

Holubec, John - 1852 - 1920

Holubec, Anna - 1857 - 1946, wife of John Holubec

Machacek, Edward, Jr. - October 23, 1941 - October 25, 1941

Milhaske Infant, son of Will and Myrtle Milhaske, unmarked except for a brick border. Myrtle Milhaske was a daughter of Henry and Emma Gosch.

Morris Infant, son of T. and Maude Morris, unmarked except for a brick border. Maude Morris was a daughter of Henry and Emma Gosch


See biography of Albert Milton Gosch, including info about Jacob Gosch and his family.