Fayetteville, Texas


SPJST in Fayetteville, 1918

Christine Tapal contributed this photo of the Fayetteville SPJST in 1918. Monica Havelka came across it on this web site and remembered it from the SPJST book, Pamatnik Cechoslovaku, written in the Czech language and featuring the SPJST lodges in Texas from 1914-1918. All of the adults were identified in the book, though with only an initial for many of their first names. Christine and Monica were able to add to these and they are included in the list below. Please note that the photo has been divided below into three enlarged pieces with the adults numbered. Do you recognize others?

1. Mrs. Julie Hruska
2. Mrs. Anezka Pivetz [Piwetz]
3. Mrs. Anezka [Annie] (Novotny) Tapal (Vlasta M. Tapal is in front of)
4. Mrs. J. Kubena
5. Mrs. J. Kneska
6. Mrs. R. Franta
7. Mrs. Frances Krupa Tydlacka
8. Mrs. K. Jecmenka
9. Mrs. A. Goerig
10. Mrs. J. Klimka
11. Mrs. H. Blinka
12. Mrs. J.M. Slovacka
13. J.F. Pivetz
14. F. Docekal
15. J.J. Goerig
16. J. Orsak
17. J. Volcik (and behind is 17a. T. Hruska 17b. J. Hlanak)
18. K. Ripple
19. P. Zapalac
20. J. Slavik
21. J.O. Baca
22. F. Kaderka
23. E. Polasek
24. J. Klimek
25. Joseph Tapal (holding Joseph J. Tapal, Sr.)
26. Mrs. T. Zapalac
27. Mrs. J. Klimicek
28. Mrs. Kathrina Matus Martis
29. Mrs. A. Martis
30. Mrs. A Jecmenek
31. Mrs. M. Kulhanek
32. Mrs. A. Kulhanek
33. J. Kubala
34. C.H. Cmajdalka (and behind is 34a. Stepan Tydlacka 34b. J.M. Slovacek)
35. A Volcik
36. E.J. Knesek
37. M. Martis
38. J. Cervenka sr.
39. A Kubena
40. P. Jurecka
41. J. Kulhanek
42. J.S. Chupik
43. J. Jurecka
44. L. Schimek ml.
45. J.E. Rek
46. A Pivetz
47. J. Hruska
48. J. Vecheta [Wecheta]
49. V.C. Zapalac
50. John R. Kubena
51. C.J. Klimicek
52. Rudolph Tydlacka
53. B. Chovanec
54. L. Schimek st.
55. R Pivetz
56. A. Kulhanek
57. A. Kulhanek
58. E. Vavra
59. H. Blinka
60. R. Dybala
61. Anton Martis
62. J. Zapalac
63. J.F. Jecmenek
64. F. Kuratko
65. Sl. M. Pokorna
66. Sl. M Orsak
67. Sl. R. Chupik
68. Sl. V. Chupik
69. Sl. L. Klimicek
70. Sl. J. Klimicek
71. K. Klimicek
72. Mrs. J.R. Baca
73. J.R. Baca
74. Mrs. J.O. Baca
75. Mrs. F. Zapalac
76. E. Zapalac

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