Eilers Family Cemetery

29°54'02"N 96°42'11"W

The Eilers Cemetery is located on what was the old Laffere place three miles west of Fayetteville on County Road 224 off of FM 955. A letter from Sonja Fojtik To Walter Freytag dated June 8, 1966 states: "Hinrich and Augusta Eilers are my maternal great-grandparents and the other five Eilers' are their children. Franz Hoffmann lived and worked as a helper on the Eilers' farm. The Luke's were great-grandparents of my mother's second cousin . . . and are related by marriage . . . Augusta Eilers and Johanne Luke were sisters . . . [According to Kathy Carter, this last statement may be incorrect as Johanne's stone says here maiden name was Rabe].

Kathy Carter and Helen Muras of the Fayette Heritage Museum and Archives inventoried this cemetery on November 7, 1988. All the stones were painted white, except the Luke stones, which were painted gray. Pete Fridell photographed the grave stones in August 2011 and they are shown above and linked to the names of those buried here. He states that there was once an ornate iron arch as you entered the cemetery that had "Eilers" on it, but it is now gone.

Eilers, Augusta
21 Aug 1861
Sep 1862
Eilers, Augusta Frels
11 Mar 1838
28 Dec 1895
Eilers, Charles
25 Jan 1876
22 Feb 1876
Eilers, Charles William
11 Apr 1877
15 Apr 1877
Eilers, Ernest
25 Dec 1871
22 Jun 1902
b. in Ross Prairie, d. in Yoakum
Eilers, Hinrich
24 Nov 1820

23 Jan 1899

Eilers William
23 May 1859
28 Sep 1862
Hoffmann, Franz
b. in Ruckersdorf, near Neustadt, Bohemia; about age 70
Laferre, Friederike
26 Jan 1829
24 Jun 1899
Laferre, Jacob
23 Sep 1823
26 Aug 1901
Luke, Heinrich Wilhelm
7 Sep 1847
immigrated to Texas in 1845
Luke, Johanne Rabe
Feb 1852
b. in Inhalt, Dessau