Besade Methodist Cemetery

Also known as Cedar Creek Cemetery
Includes the Dozshier Family Cemetery

6.2 miles north of La Grange off State Highway 77

The following is taken from Besade Methodist Cemetery, copyrighted 1999, with the permission of the author, Norman C. Krischke. The full text can be viewed at the Fayette Heritage Museum & Archives.

Besade Methodist Cemetery is situated 6.2 miles north of La Grange 240 feet west of State Highway 77. There was once a Black Methodist Church at the site. The site can be identified by a manufactured home behind a cedar post - cedar rail fence. The site is just a few hundred yards south of the Indian Creek School site which has a sign installed by Fayette county and 100 yards north of Cedar Creek. The cemetery was also referred to as the Cedar Creek Cemetery.

Joe Cole recorded this cemetery 6 October 1958 as follows:

"Besade Negro Cemetery. Methodist Church. On Highway 77 four miles east of Winchester, Texas. There are lots of graves here, but only five markers. Sarah Strambler, born 1875, died 1934. At Rest. AD. Dozshier, died Feb. 13, 1923. Aged 75 years. His wife: Mathilda Dozshier, died June 5, 1925. Aged 77 years. "They died as they lived, Christians." Leonard Turner, born 1887, died 1912. His wife: Emma Turner, April 27, 1879, Oct. 21, 1939.

Besade Cemetery was fenced with a barbed wire-cedar post fence at one time; the fence is broken down on the east and south sides. The Dozshier Family Cemetery was enclosed with a woven wire-wood frame fence which is broken down on the west and south sides.

There are twenty-nine unidentified graves.

D, T. Wood cross, no data.
Dozhier, Ad.
13 Feb 1923
"Aged 75 years." Anthony or Andrew Dozhier. Born a slave. Dual stone with wife, Mathilda Dozshier.
Dozhier, Edward
Funeral home marker. Dates unreadable. Grandson of Andrew and Mathilda Dozshier, last of the family to be buried in the Dozshier Family Cemetery
Dozhier, Mrs. Edward
28 Jan 1896
7 May 1966
Funeral home marker.
Dozhier, Mathilda
5 Jun 1925
"Aged 75 years." Born a slave. Dual stone with Ad. Dozshier. "They died as they lived, Christians"
Dozhier, Peter
4 Jan 1883
31 Jul 1931
Funeral home marker. Fayette County Death Record Vol. 5, page 208: Peter Dozshier, farmer, married. Father: Anthony Dozshier, mother: Mathilda Pendegaff, both of South Carolina. Died of cardiac arrest. Buried in Cedar Creek Cemetery. S/ Mary Dozshier
Earthman, Hattie
1 Mar 1870
6 Mar 1936
Fayette County Death Record Vol. 6, page 371: Hattie Earthman, female, Negro, single, Father: John Earthman, mother: America Anderson
Strambler, Sarah
Fayette County Death Record Vol. 6, page 125: Luvenia Strambler, 17 Jul 1876, 24 September 1934, wife of John Strambler, divorced. Father: Andrew Dozshier, mother: Mathilda Pendergrass. Died of Mitrial regurgitation. Buried in Cedar Creek Cemetery. S/ Mary Dozshier
Turner, Emma
27 Apr 1879
21 Oct 1939
Fayette County Death Record Vol. 7, page 312: Emma Turner, wife of Leonard Turner, widowed. Father: John Pendergrass. Died of tuberculosis. S/ Isaac Turner
Turner, Leonard