1860 Fayette County Census
Surname Index

Many thanks go to Bruce Berger and Stephanie Warren for their invaluable assistance in developing this index.

Please note:
The census takers were less than scrupulous in their spelling. Many of the names below (and particularly the German and Czech surnames) are spelled incorrectly. Where we are aware of the correct spelling we have placed it in brackets, but we need your help in making further corrections. Please send any corrections to this index to Rox Ann Johnson.

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Fayetteville Post Office - Pages 261a through 274a
Round Top Post Office - Pages 274b through 291a
Rutersville Post Office - Pages 291b though 296a
La Grange Post Office - Pages 296b through 314b
Lyonsville Post Office - Pages 315a through 325a
Plum Grove Post Office - Pages 325b through 339a
Black Jack Post Office - Pages 339b through 345a
Oso Post Office - Pages 345b through 356b
The page numbers listed below can be found in the 1860 Census Directory of Image Files.



Abbers 288a Abbotts 342b Adamic 273b Adams 279b
Adams 315b Adkison 279b Adkison 284a Adomica 264a
Aeynis? 309b Agnew 286b Aherens 286a Ahlrech 288b
Aihermei? 309b Alberes 288a Albers 278b Albricht 319b
Albright [Albrecht]271d Albright [Albrecht] 272b Alexander 320a Alexander 329a
Alexander 334a Alexander 301b Alexander 309a Alfend 285a
Alfords 269a Allen 266b Allen 346a Allen 346a
Allen 323a Allen 331a Allen 299b Alley 292b
Alley 308b Alrack 330b Altmann 331a Amensing 321a
Anders 294b Anderson 266a Anderson 266b Anderson 317b
Anderson 319a Anderson 292b Anderson 293a Andrews 296c
Angel 348a Armmon 312a Arnberg 293b Arnold 355a
Arnold 338a Arnold 341b Arrigla? 277a Ashen 288a
Ashen 288b Ashen 289a Athison 327b Atkison 283a
Avner 319b      


Babak 262a Babala 351a Babard 329b Baden 336b
Baker 292a Baker 298a Balz 263a Bancy [Berry] 346a
Banderan 330a Bankin 331a Barda 325b Barden 297b
Barden 312b Baringr 281b Barker 350a Barker 350b
Barkley 330b Barkmier 294b Barkmier 295a Barle 311b
Barlurt 348b Barnes 274b Barnes 351b Barnes 353b
Barnes 353b Barnett 273b Barnett 302a Barra 325b
Basford 341a Bauch 323a Bauch 338a Bauch 282a
Bombach [Baumbach] 267a Baur [Bauer]281a Bawe 282a Bawer [Bauer]281a
Bawer 282a Bawerkemper 284b Baykin 353a Baylis 310b
Baylor 269a Bean 313b Beaumont 302b Beaumont 311a
Beckel 287a Becker 289b Bedford 269b Behrands 288a
Behrands 290a Behrends 290a Behrens 293b Bell 278b
Bell 280b Bell 283b Bell 284a Bell 298a
Bell 343a Bell 271d Benes 320b Bennitte 306b
Benson 299a Benthall 353b Beomgerten 307a Berington 316a
Berkmann [Birkmann] 268a Berry 346b Berry 276b Berry 342a
Berry 342b Bibenstine 277b Biblestone 278a Biellener 348a
Billard 351a Billingsley 316b Bishop 269b Bishop 327a
Bishop 291b Black 315a Black 314b Blackburn 315b
Blackburn 309b Blackmon 318a Blackmore 325a Blackwell 263a
Blackwell 297b Blair 334a Blanton 306a Blanton 308a
Bledso [Bledsoe] 354a Bledsoe 341a Bledsoe 341b Bledsoe 342a
Blezenger 349a Blun 302b Boatright 318b Boch 348a
Bock 337b Bodarmen 277a Boeer 295a Boehm 304a
Boettcher 262b Bohms 287a Bolleitker 273b Bollnier 292a
Bolte? 274b Bombach [Baumbach] 267a Bonatzky 351a Bond 305b
Bookmann 282b Boon 262a Boone 287a Boone 306a
Borke 331a Boulton 306b Bour 293b Bowers 305b
Bowers 306a Bowlen 271c Boyle 320a Braddock 354a
Braddock 354a Bradis 319a Bradis 319b Bradshaw 302b
Brand 269b Brandt 301b Brandt 302a Brasher 273b
Brasher 320b Brau 284b Braubr [Brauer] 267b Bray 277b
Brazial 332a Breazel 297b Breeding 271b Breeding 272a
Breeding 272b Breeding 272b Breeding 273b Breeding 273b
Breneck 274b Bresil 346a Brewer 346a Bricman 319b
Brigges 337b Briggs 346a Brink 310a Britt 352a
Brokmann 283a Brooks 352a Brooks 281b Brooks 298a
Brooks 313b Brown 315a Brown 326b Brown 327a
Brown 327b Brown 328b Brown 333b Brown 277a
Brown 279b Brown 280a Brown 296b Brown 305b
Brown 312a Bruce 330b Bruger 341b Bruin 309b
Bruning 271c Bruns 348a Bryan 296d Bucholts 339a
Buchom 322b Buchon 336a Buckebau 343b Buckhannan 350b
Budd 268b Bufersburg 307b Bugle 295a Bulden 351a
Buleson [Burleson] 347a Bulr 342a Bungunt 337a Bunning 267a
Bunting 296c Burbesh 265b Burch 334a Burges 286b
Burk 318a Burk 318b Burk 340b Burke 286b
Burkhart 277a Burleson 346a Burleson 347b Burleson 329b
Burnly 299a Burns 271d Burns 334a Burns 306a
Burton 307a Busby 323b Busing 262b Buthgar 261a
Butler 345a Butler 326b Butler 345a Buttnill 326a
Byar 270a Byar 270b Byler 292a Byrd 354a


The page numbers listed below can be found in the 1860 Census Directory of Image Files.

Cabniss 306b Cademer 351a Cadwell 332b Cadwell 339b
Cadwill 339a Cain 265b Cain 325a Caldy 296c
Calge 335a Calleson 334b Campbell 273a Campbell 300b
Camsh? 344a Carbee 323a Card 339b Card? 354b
Carmichael 346a Carpenter 271b Carpnter [Carpenter]353a Carr 329a
Carter 271a Carter 355a Carter 356b Carter 303a
Carter 306b Carter 312a Casselman 302b Castleman 353a
Cates 355a Cauffman [Kaufmann] 267a Cetain 322b Chandler 262b
Chandler 356a Chandler 304a Chandler 344a Chandler344b
Chaniller 334b Chappell 261a Cheiny 353a Cherry 314b
Chick 310b Chirtamm 332a Christan 329a Chrisworth 328a
Chumney 300b Chyhorne 319a Clanstal or Elanstal 352b Clapp 352b
Clark 268a Clark 268b Clark 308a Clary 335b
Clary 312a Clary 312b Clauson 262b Clay 332a
Clemens 353a Clement 283a Clements 330a Clinest 349a
Cluck 343a Cluck 343b Clun 324a Clun 324b
Cobb 347a Coburn 348a Cochran 328b Cochran 307a
Cockrill 345b Cockrill 345b Cockrill 326a Cockrill 326b
Coheffel [Kohleffel] 272b Cohler 340a Colden 323b Coldwell 303a
Cole 333a Cole 285a Colman [Coleman] 334a Conway 344a
Cook 261b Cook 267b Cook 268a Cook 269b
Cook 348a Cook 354b Cook 322b Cook 291b
Cook 295b Cookny 316b Cookny 317a Coop 329b
Cord [Card] 348b Core 323a Core 323b Cornets 264b
Cossell 263b Coud 343a Covington 343a Cowen 328a
Cox 333a Cox 305b Cqrfrek 263b Crefunich 330b
Cremer 322a Cremer 322b Criswell 353a Criswell 340a
Criswell 340b Critchley 311b Crockett 353a Crockett 353b
Crockett 354a Crockett 340b Crofford 293b Croft 296d
Crompton 263a Croom 356b Crounovers 339a Crow 355b
Crow 324b Crownover 354b Cuda 292b Cuhn 301b
Cuncrth 265a Cunick 351b Cunick 308b Cuningham 332a
Cunningham 296b Czichas [Czichos] 347b

Please send corrections to this index to Rox Ann Johnson.


Dadack 264a Daman 300b Dancum 313a Dancy 355b
Dancy 342b Daniel 278a Daniell 353b Danker [Dencker] 323b
Danshack [Danchak] 263b Darbing 326b Darby 345a Darby 325b
Darby 345a Davey 312a Davidson 302a Davis 316b
Davis 276b Davis 279b Davis 296d Dawsin 297a
Dawson 293a De Graffenrid [De Graffenried] 301a De Lassauls [de Lassaulx] 298b Debrell 302a
Dedrick 264a Demel 327b Deney 304b Denson 312b
Dickins 306a Dickmann 272a Dicky 351a Dietrick [Dietrich] 269b
Dietrick [Dietrich] 270a Diggs 271a Dippel 351b Dirice 345a
Dirice 345a Dirico 345a Dirr 270b Disambre 295a
Dithmar 294b Ditrech 263a Ditte 288a Divenoka 352b
Dobbins 291b Dodge 300b Dodson 310b Doerr 282b
Doerr 313a Doisdale 324b Dolisch 289b Dollade 265b
Donath 268b Donath 269a Donathan 271c Dony 263a
Dorico 345a Dornwald 290b Dors 275b Dorsis 300b
Dorvis 292a Dougherty 261a Dougherty 264a Dougles 321b
Doults 326a Drake 311b Drawe 284a Drawe 284b
Drisdale 356a Dry 304a Drythner 268b Duff 352a
Dulbeg 324a Dunkin 304b Dunn 271a Dykman 317b


Eans 351b Eans 295b Eans 296a Earthman 350a
Earthman 350b East 302b East 303a Ebbling 337b
Ebbling 280a Ebbling 280b Ebbling 281a Ebner 282a
Eckels 307a Edmunds 314b Edward 340b Edwards 354a
Edwards 334b Eilese [Eilers] 266a Eismeld 322b Eldrigge 352a
Elinger 281b Ellerbush [Ellerbusch] 268a Ellis 301a Ellis 301b
Ellis 311b Eloner 321a Emken 287a Engel 338a
English 345a English 348b English 349a English 350b
English 354a English 296d English 345a Ernst 277b
Eschenburg 336b Esenburg 336b Eslinger 265b Ethentin 350b
Etzel 281a Etzel 282b Etzels 280b Ewing 300b


Fahnert? 304a Fahrenhold 336b Fahrenthold 304a Faires 355b
Faison 299b Farkler 294b Farley 307a Farnach 264a
Farris 352a Fason [Faison] 308a Feabeu 308a Feifferkern 356b
Femell or Fernell 264a Ferall 312b Ferell 314b Fergerson 288b
Fergusson 292b Fernell 334b Fesher 310a Fester 324b
Fester 339a Fewer 281a Fichler 336a Finingler 313a
Fink 289b Fink 294a Fink 304a Fishburn 317a
Fishburn 317b Fisher 261a Fisher 268b Fisher 269a
Fist 264b Fitchett 317a Fithsche 312b Fitz 306a
Fitzgearld 338b Fitzgerald 342a Flack 283b Flato 337b
Fletcheer 296c Floyd 301b Flum 269a Flury 346b
Foglesang [Vogelsang] 261a Foglesang [Vogelsang] 268a Forbs 301b Ford 341b
Ford 343b Forpathar 324b Forquhar [Farquhar] 266a Forsbery 307b
Forshey 292a Forshey 297a Forton 335b Foster 321b
Foster 336a Foster 312b Fostler 295b Foulkel 275a
Frails 287b Frambousky 343a Frame 343b Frangle 291a
Frank 337a Frank 294b Franke 341b Frankeny 323b
Frankey 323a Frankey 323b Franklin 275a Franklin 275b
Franklin 309b Frantz [Franz] 261a Frarner 281a Frase 282a
Frayer 316a Freaishe 298b Freayer 315b Freddemiyer 290b
Frede 303a Fredlander 301b Freedke 310b Freleys 296a
Frels 266a Frels 304a Fremel 297a French 356a
French 292b Frerill 315b Frick 267b Friedburger 302b
Fritsch 293b Fritsche 270a Fritzham 321b Fritzham 322a
Frka 298b Froelich 282b Frosch 288a Frosh 289a
Frosh 289b Frulch 329b Frunge 276b Fry 273b
Fryler 317b Fuchs 280a Fulton 305b Funderman 294a
Furgenson 349a Furgerson 349a Furgurson 350b


Gaddis 300a Gage 346b Gage 347b Gage 325b
Gaines 301a Gains 271c Gaithen 279b Gaither 283a
Garlins 275b Garrett 333a Gates 300b Gates 301a
Gay 301a Gay 310b Gerbird 355a Gerndt 294b
Gibbens 327a Gieles 300a Giesbers 292a Giese 279a
Giles 300a Giles 313b Gill 316b Gillaspie 339b
Gillem 348b Gillsspie 339a Glancs 332b Glass 315b
Glass 335b Glaub 278b Gloecker 294b Glover 304a
Gober 265a Gocyonj 343b Goebel 271b Goebl 303b
Goebl 304a Goeth 348a Goldammer 320b Goode 271d
Goodman 297a Goodman 297a Gordan 331a Gordney 310b
Gorham 342a Gos 344a Gossler 306b Gostrer 328b
Graeter 290a Graf 283a Graff 336a Graham 273a
Graham 353a Graporff 321a Grassmeyre [Grassmeyer] 312a Gray 330a
Green 316a Green 336a Green 293a Green?stoe 315a
Gregory 265a Gregory 291b Gregory 305a Grese 274b
Groce 273b Gross 274b Grosz 298b Grotte 276a
Groves 261b Groves 273a Grumlera 301b Gudke 280b
Guime or Prime? 351a Gurdner 312b Gustave 337a


The page numbers listed below can be found in the 1860 Census Directory of Image Files.

Haden 291b Haden 293b Hahan 267b Hakebeil [Hackebiel] 294b
Hale 347a Hall 268b Hall 296a Hall 296b
Hall 342b Halto 331a Hamblen 273b Hamell 285b
Hamill 330a Hamill 330b Hamilton 343a Hamnn 317a
Hampton 353a Han????? 321b Hanehler 269a Haney 299b
Hankost 279a Hannheisen 269a Hanson 276b Harczyk 304b
Hare 333b Harell 312b Harfer 301b Hargon 286a
Harigel 311a Harkins 346b Harper 350b Harrell 309a
Harrell 313a Harrell 343b Harrington 310a Harrington 313b
Harrington 314a Harris 325b Harris 296b Harrison 269a
Harrison 325b Harrison 330a Harrison 311a Harrisson [Harrison] 268b
Hart 326a Hart 326b Hart 327a Hart 296c
Hart 299a Hart 312a Harttle 313a Hartz 291a
Hartz 291b Harwell 268b Harwell 269b Harwell 352a
Haschke 308b Hasher 322b Haskel 283a Hasse 295a
Hattermann 265b Hausmann 321a Haync 278a Haynie 298b
Haynie 299a Haynie 302a Hays 349b Head 275b
Headstream 340a Heckemade? 277b Hedill 339a Hefner 333b
Hehn 298b Heilbroner? 303a Heller 345b Heller 291a
Heller 295a Hellmuth 282a Helmcamp 319b Helple 294b
Helweke 278b
Henderson 315a Henry 296b Henrys 294a Henzlmann 302a
Herington 349b Herman 281b Hermann 303b Hermes 303b
Herznc 278a Hesse 319b Hide 261b Hidemann 284a
Hielmore 328a Higgs 334b Hilabrand 267a Hill 261b
Hill 322b Hill 280b Hill 287b Hill 297a
Hill 304b Hill 306a Hill 307b Hill 309b
Hillabrand 269b Hillabrand 295b Hilleye 347b Hillmann 296a
Hillsmann 302b Hines 316a Hinsley 308a Hodge 275b
Hodge 292b Hoelcher [Hoelscher] 270b Hoelscher 267b Hoffman 266a
Hollaway [Holloway] 269a Hollaway [Holloway] 271a Hollicak 283b Hollupese 335a
Hollupese 335b Holman 334a Holmon 314a Holmon 314b
Holser 308a Holzmann 275a Homath 304b Homes 274b
Homes 275a Honeman 270a Honson 336a Honson 336b
Hontz 311b Hontz 312a Hoppe 289b Hopper 346a
Hopper 315b Hopson 311b Horack 263b Horack 266b
Horder 337b Horetmann 339a Horgenstan 283b Horn 277a
Hosmer 298a Hosmes 264b Host 341b Hotbrook 329a
Hough 303b Howard 315b Howell 330a Howland 331b
Huber 274b Hubner 322a Hudacke?f 335a Hudnall 302a
Hudson 326b Hudson 296b Huff 345a Huff 296d
Huff 300a Huff 345a Hunger 323a Hunley 293a
Hunt 296c Hunt 296d Hunt 301a
Hunter 280b Hurford 331b Huthend 314b Huttle 303b
Hvil 314a


Ibert 342b Ihier 320b Iley 310b Imken 287a
Ingham 300a Ingham 311a Ingram 292a Ingram 300a
Inman 338a Inmann 293b Iordis? 344a Ir???ld 330b
Irnson 320a Irwin 271a Isenburg 275b Itner 345b
Itruse 298b Ivans 341a Ivy 352b Ivy 299a
Izard 263a Izard 264a Izard 264b Izard 355a
Izard 331b Izard 332a Izard 338a Izard 339a


Jacks 278a Jackson 268b Jackson 345a Jackson 345b
Jackson 352a Jackson 352b Jackson 345a Jaentschke 282a
Jakle 261b Jakle 262a James 338b Janes 349b
Janry 325b Jarbinall 285a Jarman 272b Jarman 273a
Jarman [Jarmon] 305b Yatesmanock [Jecmenek] 265a Yatsmanack [Jecmenek] 264a Jenkins 296c
Jenknes 282b Jenson 337b Jewell 344b Johards 290a
Johns 345b Johnson 261b Johnson 328b Johnson 288b
Johnson 298a Johnson 304a Johnson 312b Joiner 319b
Joiner 320a Joiner 305b Joiner 306a Jomes [Jones] 301a
Jon 284a Jones 346b Jones 353b Jones 275b
Jones 277a Jones 279b Jones 284a Jones 295b
Jones 297b Jones 301a Jones 307a Jones 343a
Jordan 329a Joung 325b Jungbecker 303b Jungenmann 290a
Justice 354a Justice 354a Justice 354b Justice 354b


Kaback 273b Kabuk 321a Kampean 342a Kane 308a
Karischa 320b Karnes 325a Kasper 325a Cauffman [Kaufmann] 267a
Kay 283b Keal 280a Keebler 329b Kell 304b
Kellesherg 338a Kellner 336b Kellner 337a Kellough [Killough] 349a
Kelsey? 313a Kemp 330a Kemp 298a Kemplin 339a
Kendal 326a Kennedy 330a Kennedy 330b Kennedy 331a
Kenser 347a Kepps 333a Kerr 261b Kerr 332b
Key 328b Kidd 303a Kiepa 280a Kiesel 262a
Kiesel 262b Kiesel 262b Kindren 317a Kinson? 297a
Kirby 307b Kirby 311b Kirk 324b Kirk 340a
Kirk 342b Kirk 343a Kirsh 269a Kirsh 303a
Kisr 275b Kister 304a Kitchen 352a Kite 314a
KKarhen 284b Klaces 278a Klappenburg 290a Kleinert 308b
Kliar 275a Klimipshok 333b Klinert 283a Kmus? 277b
Knecae 261b Kneig 278b Kneik 276a Knight 355b
Knipsher 262b Knox 287b Koch 288a Koenig 276b
Coheffel [Kohleffel] 272b Kohler 283b Kolebol 320a Kollmann 267a
Konig 278b Konrad 298b Koon 310a Korbits 294a
Korman 321b Korn 309b Korn 310a Kotrell 265a
Kotrell 265b Kouny 331a Koznrack 350a Kozweck 350a
Krankowsky? 312b Krebs 272a Krebs 274b Kreidel 285b
Kreigel 351b Krerack 320a Krgess? 308b Kridle [Kreidel] 288b
Kriger 280a Kruse 272a Kruse 288a Kruse 290a
Kuck 308b Kuhn 304b Kuhne 348a Kuntz 282a
Kunzelmann? 282b Kurtz 270a Kuse 290a Kutcher 293b


Laake 282b Lackey 349a Lafaz 318a Laferty 266a
Lafon 341a Laftie 293b Lahr 275b Laird 304b
Laird 305a Lakery 318a Lamb 343a Lane 353b
Lane 354a Lane 354b Lane 355b Lane 316a
Lane 316b Lane 301b Lane 340a Lane 340b
Lange 270a Langmann 347b Langston 296d Lants 350a
Larh 276a Larsterwica [Lastovica] 263b Larsterwica [Lastovica] 264a Lauch 336b
Laurance 312b Laux 267a Lavase 338a Lavor 304b
Lear 319b Lecha 278a Lecrests 317a Ledbetter 276b
Ledbetter 282a Ledbetter 302b Lee 271c Lee 271d
Lee 315b Lee 332b Lee 337a Leesemann 302b
Leffeir [Laferre] 261a Legan 285b Legan 286a Legan 293a
Lehmamann 289b Leicero 331b Leisd 347b Leist 287a
Lembert 288b Leming 356a Lenard [Lenert] 278b Leo 280b
Lerch 295a Lewis 333b Lewis 276b Ligon 295b
Ligon 306a Lindermann 303b Lindsay 305a Lishmann 289b
Lismann 302a Lockhart 311b Lomon 320a Long 321a
Longlotz 267a Lonncer? 297a Losine [Loessin] 267b Losine [Loessin] 268a
Louis 322b Louis 323a Louis 277a Louis 307b
Louis 308a Loux 321b Love 327b Love 328a
Love 328b Loveland 306b Loveland 307a Low 275b
Loyless 313a Luck 354b Luders 319b Ludwick 353b
Luederman 269b Luka 265b Luke 351b Luke 287b
Lumerick 322a Lyle 263b Lyons 332b Lyons 337a
Lyons 337b


Macke 352b Mackensen 280a Mag 315b Mag 334a
Mahew? 274b Manking [Menking] 273b Manly 307a Mann 296b
Manton? 343a Marburger 277b Marchmann 302a Marckmann 308b
Marrack 335a Marshack 261a Marshall 331b Marshall 307a
Martan 272a Martin 327a Martin 293b Martin 297a
Martindale 312b Mathews 333b Mathews 314b Mathias 351b
Mathias 352a Matjousky 289a Matsson 271a Mauer 294a
Mayer [Meyer] 268a Mays 320a Mays 337b McAshan 305a
McAshan 305a McCain 306a McCalestor 269a McCaslett 343a
McChiers 280b McClamley 332a McClatchy 285a McClatchy 285b
McKlery [McCleary] 348b McClelen [McClellan] 347a McClellan 306b McClelland 309a
McClener 307b McClum 296c McClure 347b McClure 342b
McCollum 353b McCollum 355b McCollum 284a McCollum 299b
McComber 300b McCord 329b McCord 330a McCormic 347a
McCormic 317a McCoy 340a McCrorey 327b McCullach 325b
McDonald 325b McDow 331b McDow 305b McElya 279a
McFarland 312a McGary 296d McGee 330b McGehee 313a
McGehee 313b McGinnis 271c McGinnis 271d McGinnis 303a
McGoun 343b McGowam 356b McGowan 356a McGown 308b
McKelroy 289a McKinnon 317a McKinny 319a McKlery [McCleary] 348b
McKris 316a McLoughlen 293a McMicken 347b McMickin 339b
McMillan 279b McNett 315a McNett 315b McNight 315b
McPeters 313b McShee 276a Meercheit 283a Meienberg 321b
Meier 307b Meiner 290a Meinert 304b Meinert 308b
Meitz 275b Meitzen 264b Meitzen 264b Melcher 324a
Melcher 280b Menefee 353b Menefee 353b Mener 290b
Menifee 340b Menifee [Menefee] 353b Menke 272a Menom 315a
Merrem 308b Mersa 274b Mersberger 347a Mersendburg 302b
Merzeuss 318a Methme 288a Meyer 263a Meyer 268a
Meyer 274b Meyer 294b Meyers 324a Miackel [Maeckel] 282b
Miackel [Maeckel] 283a Michaelis 345b Michaelis 282a Michealis 276a
Micken 349a Micush 268a Midilton 261b Mielke 303b
Mier 295a Miera 338a Mieth 304a Mielke 303b
Milda 303b Miles 286b Miller 261b Miller 265b
Miller 266a Miller 270a Miller 271b Miller 329a
Miller 333a Miller 277a Miller 296a Miller 310b
Mills 317a Minert 303a Mischer 278b Mischer 279a
Miskel 285b Mitchel 319a Mitchel 284b Mitchel 289a
Moellenbrand 279a Mollbernt 284a Mollenbernd 286a Monrow 318a
Monrow 319a Moody 352b Moody 279a Moore 346a
Moore 349a Moore 350a Moore 350b Moore 351a
Moore 352a Moore 354b Moore 355b Moore 356a
Moore 325a Moore 292b Moore 295b Moore 296b
Moore 296d Moore 296d Moore 297b Moore 299a
Moore 308a Moore 311b Moore 312a Moore 313b
Moore 341b Moran 339a More 290a Morgan 314b
Morris 293a Morton 306b Mossnic 335b Moton 268b
Mott 277a Mouer 298b Mucke 340a Mulk 289a
Mulke 289a Muller [Mueller] 263b Mullins 327a Mullins 328a
Munberg 321b Munger 266b Munger 331b Munzler [Muenzler] 271d
Murch 356a Murphy 279b Murphy 296d Murphy 305a
Murry 317b

Naegeli 276a Nagle 278a Naioman 312a Nansmann 322a
Nash 320b Nathousen 336b Nazel 316b Nease 286b
Neemann [Niemann] 348a Neff 296c Neilsett 331a Neilsett 331b
Nelson 289a Nerrnm? 271a Netters 329b Neuman 318a
Neuman 321b Neumann 265a Neumem [Neumann] 347a Newle 314b
Newton 266b Nicholls 302a Nicholson 263b Niedmeyer 322a
Nieper 323a Nikill 262b Nilans 356b Niman [Niemann] 266a
Niskern 302a Nixon 352b Nollcamper 323b Nollcamper 324a
Nordhausen 320b Norris 310b Northington 342a Northousene 348a
Norton 303a Norton 312a Notgrass 262b Nsey 342a
Null 355b Null 343b Null 344a


The page numbers listed below can be found in the 1860 Census Directory of Image Files.

Obar [O'Bar]286b Oberry [O'Berry]342b Obon 340a Ocllolac 270b
Odanicl 324b Odanicle 325a ODaniel [O'Daniel]340b Odaniel [O'Daniel]341a
Odaniel [O'Daniel]341b Odaniel [O'Daniel]342a Olds 297a Oliver 297b
Ort 266b Osborne 306b Osburn 348a Oso 347a
Otholt 297a Otkan 291a Otkan 291b Otto 322a
Otto 275a Otto 277a Overbey 334b Owen 319a


Pace 280b Paddock 317b Pagell [Pagel] 271c Pain 287b
Palmer 355a Parker 336b Parr 291b Parr 300a
Pater 299b Patton 303a Peck 344a Peery 349b
Penick 287b Penn 353a Penn 292b Penn 305b
Perchawither 336b Perkins 337b Perkins 338a Perkinson 293a
Perlitz 323b Perry 349a Perry 287b Person 350a
Peter 332b Peter 335a Peters 288a Pfeiffer 268a
Phelps 311b Phillips 300b Phillips 305b Phillips 311b
Phillips 344b Pinser 347a Piraluight 319a Pitman 282a
Po?el 325b Pochmann 289a Pogns 329b Pohl 262a
Pohl 262a Pohl 295a Pohl 309b Pollard 273a
Pollard 273a Poly 286a Pope 309a Posey 301a
Poull?- Pouli? 303a Powel 304b Powel 339b Praetorius 303b
Prajer 351a Praus? 336b Prause 303b Preston 271b
Price 300a Price 305b Price 307a Prim 325b
Prince 349a Prince 349b Pritchet 262b Pulgn? 282a
Purcell 285a Purcell 289a Purloin 281b


Quallan 350a Quillin 350b

Rabb 349b Rabb 284b Rabb 285a Rabb 297b
Rabb 305a Rabel 343a Rada 308a Rada 308b
Radford 276b Radford 285b Radford 287b Ragan 309a
Ragin 305a Ragsdale 354a Raichart 294a Raines 346a
Rainey 355b Rak? 332b Ramsey 299b Randall 285b
Ranes 352b Rankin 283b Rankin 312a Rawe 332a
Ray 347b Ray 315b Rays [Ray] 346b Read 280b
Read 281a Reauh? 272a Reed 353b Rehm 289b
Reid 339b Reid 340a Reimann 322a Reising 348a
Reman 295a Renic 300b Renick 291b Renick 305a
Retcke 289b Reynolds 320a Reynolds 320b Rhem 307b
Rich 269a Richer 322a Richman 290b Richter 348a
Rieger 320a Riemann 323b Riesner 304b Riggs 348a
Riggs 348b Right 342a Rigsbys [Rigsby] 347a Rinz 294a
Risenger 285a Riser 314a Rives 302a Rivs 304b
Robbinson 334a Robbinson [Robinson] 355a Roberts 333a, 287a Robertson 292a
Robinson 354b Robinson 325b Robinson 277a Robison 347b
Robison 281b Robison 281b Robison 286a Robison 298b
Robison 299a Robison 344a Robson 276a Robson 276b
Robtson 261a Rocher 323b Rodgers 350b Rogers 307a
Rohde 308b Rohfsnbohn? 272a Roland 327b Rolbins 347b
Rolsdin 318a Romberg 341a Romberg 341b Roper 292b
Roscher 323a Rosenburg 283b Rosenfield 301b Rosker 293b
Rosnorerks 265a Ross 273a Ross 350b Ross 285b
Ross 292b Rosse 334b Rosstouthe? 297a Rotgan [Ratjen] 267b
Rowdy 309b Rubeck 265b Ruhmann 293b Ruly 313b
Rundolph 316a Russel 296a Russell 328a Russell 329a
Ruth [Routh] 354b Ruth [Routh] 355a Rutherford 316a Rutherford 316b


The page numbers listed below can be found in the 1860 Census Directory of Image Files.

S??dme?r 337a Sale 264b Salemier 266a Samally 285a
Sample 271c Sample 302b Sanback 294b Sanbart 275a
Sander 317a Sanders 317b Sanders 295b Sanders 299a
Sanders 299b Sandrs 342b Santer 338a Sierson [Sarrazin] 265b
Saver 336a Saverger 338a Sawyer 343b Scallion 325a
Scallion 338a Scallion 338b Scallions 343b Scallon [Scallorn] 356a
Scates 271d Schabert 348a Schaeatrack 262a Schafer 286a
Schafer 286b Schembert [Scharnberg] 271d Schiege 282b Schiel [Scheel] 268a
Schiller 270a Schleicher 303b Schlottmannt 282a Schmitt 304b
Schnider 275b Schnider [Schneider] 270a Schniler 270a Scholotmann [Schlottmann] 290b
Schott 309a Schrader 346b Schrader 311a Schrader [Schroeder] 270b
Schrier 318a Schuddemagen 282a Schuleburg 353a Schults 292a
Schults 312b Schultz 345b Schultz 293b Schultz 302a
Schultz 302b Schultze 274b Schuman 276a Schumann 288a
Schumann 288b Schumann 290a Schumer 263a Schwarts [Schwartz] 301b
Schwarttz 280a Schwatz 355a Schweke 342b Scille 334b
Screll 356a Screws 346b Seacrest 317b Seacrest 318a
Seal 269b Seal 269b Seargent 318a Seargent 318b
Seargent 314b Seay 302b Secheloben 324a Segrand 348b
Seidenburg 323a Seidler 267a Sellers 346b Seniaica 264a
Seniarica 264a Severt 311a Sewel 265a Seyberlich? 282b
Seydler 348a Seydler 348a Seydler 348a Seymour 338a
Shackelford 272b Shaefer 321a Shaefer 321b Shaffer 270a
Shannon 353b Shark 274b Shernbert [Scharnberg] 271d Shaver 271a
Shaw 334a Shaw 302b Shaw 306a Shaw 306b
Shearn 305b Sheck 290b Sheely 344b Sherill 285b
Shernbert [Scharnberg] 271d Sherver 295b Shigh? 309b Shiner 314b
Sholider 311b Shorn 341a Short 347b Short 310a
Short 310b Short 312a Shotz 303b Shramic 335a
Shrape 331b Shropshire 328b Shropshire 333a Shropshire 305a
Shudzsak 341a Shwarting 287b Sielick 271d Sierson [Sarrazin] 265b
Silan 344a Simank 271b Simmons 327b Simmons 299a
Simonds 296c Simons 334a Simpson 352a Simpson 316b
Simpson 335a Sindle 314b Sinks 302a Sinmis 336b
Sinn?l? 336b Sisilt 337b Sitondop? 281a Siwrs 329a
Sizack 270b Slachack 266b Slack 314a Slack 314b
Slaton 325a Sleltick 267a Slowacik [Slovacek] 266b Smith 261a
Smith 263a Smith 267b Smith 268b Smith 271d
Smith 272b Smith 345b Smith 348b Smith 350b
Smith 352a Smith 352b Smith 315b Smith 334a
Smith 296b Smith 296b Smith 296c Smith 298b
Smith 303a Smith 313a Smith 314a Smith 342a
Smith 344a Smith 344b Smitts 326b Snear 301b
Snell 324b Snider 320a Solms? 304a Sommer 265a
Sorgel 278b Sorrille 348b Sour [Sauer] 271c Sour [Sauer] 271d
Sour [Sauer] 272b Spangle 279b Spangle 283b Spangler 278b
Spear 356a Speckels 278b Speckels 287a Speckles 291a
Speed 347a Spencer 287a Sphers 334a Spis 275b
Ssullon 356a St. Clair 352b St. Clair 352b Stacy 286a
Stacy 286b Stagner 344b Stahner 335b Stahner 336a
Staphana [Stavinoha?] 267b Staple 356a Steele 311b Steimann 335b
Steimann 336a Steinner 317a Steirts 261a Steizmann 336a
Stephen 284b Stephens 303a Stephens 303b Sterling 340b
Stesves [Steves] 269b Stevens 298a Steveson 305a Stewart 297b
Stiehl 303a Stiles 341b Stockburn 290a Stocken 279a
Stoermer 269b Stoermer 289b Stoerweck 263b Stolts 273a
Stork 279a Stout 298a Stramler 351a Stramler 351b
Street 317b Streithoff 304a Stribling 296a Strobal 320a
Strong 266b Struce 356b Strut 329b Struvy [Struve] 273a
Stuard 332a Stuart 335b Stucke 348a Suinerimann 284b
Suinermann 283b Sulivan 332b Sulivan 344b Sulivan 345a
Sulivan [Sullivan] 345a Summer 290b Summers 311b Surmann 283a
Suss? 280a Sutt 334a Sutton 271c Sutton 278a
Sutton 278b Swartz 351b Swernemann 276a

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Talny or Yesry? 351a Tanner 261a Tarknton 289a Tate 356b
Tate 306a Taylor 272b Taylor 273a Taylor 273a
Taylor 348a Taylor 317b Taylor 318b Taylor 319a
Taylor 320b Taylor 324b Taylor 333a Taylor 339a
Teamond 309b Teinent [Teinert] 351b Tell 320b Tepton 338b
Ternell 327b Terry 345a Terry 345a Thames 271b
Tharl 301b Thigpen 271b Thomas 264a Thomas 334a
Thomas 285a Thomas 299a Thomason 290b Thomason 291a
Thompson 274b Thompson 279b Thompson 300a Thompson 302a
Thompson 343b Thornton 356b Thorton 329a Thulemeier 294a
Thulemeier 294b Tiemann 279a Timany 330a Tinner 295a
Tiscance? 301b Toaner 326b Tolson 338b Tony 300b
Townsend 296c Treude 277b Trinage? 301b Trinble 333b
Trousdale 310b Trousdale 313b Trylor 281b Tunage 334b
Turnage 306a Turner 295a Turner 343b Tuttle 355a
Twosand 284b


Uhffy 304b Ulserg 322b Urban 311a Ussey 355a


Vancil 318b Vann 327a Varnhagen 280b Vauer 275b
Vengnes? 289a Verilen 281b Vetter 269a Vincent 281b
Vivien 307a Vivien 307b Foglesang [Vogelsang] 261a Foglesang [Vogelsang] 268a
Voglesang 283b Vogt 324a Voken 288a Volkel 275b
Vonrosenberg [Von Rosenberg] 307a Vororsenburg [Von Rosenburg] 283b Votaw 326a Vrarsada? 283b
Vrinks? 280a


The page numbers listed below can be found in the 1860 CensusDirectory of Image Files.

W??lest??? 330a Wacker 264b Wacker 265a Wade 262b
Wade 271a Wade 271a Wade 271b Wade 276b
Waenke 278a Wafard 338b Wagand 276a Wagene 274b
Waggoner 289b Wagoner 275a Wahmann 340a Waigand 274b
Waitmon 299b Walken 306b Walker 314a Wall 348b
Wallace 329a Wallace 329b Wals 282b Walter 303b
Walters 332b Walterstorff 267b Walterstorff 267b Waltons [Walton] 348a
Wandlr 275a Ward 298a Ware 261a Ware 327a
Ware 299b Ware 300a Waroeld 265b Waroken 276a
Wasfs 262b Wasserfogle 301b Waters 332b Wather 333b
Watkins 285b Wattka 281b Webb 270a Webb 304b
Webb 305a Webb 305b Webber 289a Webber 298a
Weber 288a Weber 290b Wedranders [Wiederanders] 281a Weepe 296c
Weepe 296d Wegmann 265a Weiderman [Weidemann] 267b Widerman [Weidemann] 267b
Widerman [Weidemann] 272a Wiedeman [Weidemann] 267a Weidrhold 289a Weinert 312b
Weishuhm [Weishuhn] 350a Welhursen 348a Weller 291b Wells 320b
Wells 282a Wendoff 291a Wennimoho 355a Werback [Werbach] 271c
Werner 272a Wertz 304a Werurhold 274b Wesinmoha 355b
Wesselka 289a West 348b West 301b Westhof 290b
Wetchger 275b Whaley 311b Whipple 300a White 269b
White 319a White 276b White 287a White 292b
White 308b Whitleck 312b Whittenburg 317b Whittington 273b
Whittington 274b Whittington 279a Whittington 279b Whmier 262b
Whrite 318b Wiat 290a Wickopen [Wychopen] 266a Wicopen [Wychopen] 268a
Wid [Wied?] 272a Wideman 312a Widerman [Weidemann] 267b Widerman [Weidemann] 272a
Wiedeerandere 282a Wiedeman [Weidemann] 267a Wiekel 277a Wiekll 277b
Wikle 279b Wilber 323a Wilborn 328a Wilbur 333b
Wilcox 307a Wildner 321b Wilhelnad 264b Wilke 304b
Wilkoy 355a Wilkson 333b Willams 324b Willenburg 287b
Williams 271b Williams 346a Williams 347b Williams 325b
Williams 337a Williams 294b Williams 296a Williams 296d
Williams 343a Williams (Sample) 306a Williamson 316b Wills 276b
Willsick 321a Willson 339b Wilson 315a Wilson 337b
Wilson 310b Wilson 310b Winburn 281b Windmeyer 320b
Windmeyer 321a Wink 269b Winstoffer 294b Wistner 294a
Wolard 311b Wolf 270a Wolle 294a Wood 274b
Wood 275a Wood 339b Woodford 280b Woodly 297b
Woodward 296b Wooly 264b Wosserman 274b Wroe 297b
Wroe 298a Wickopen [Wychopen] 266a Wicopen [Wychopen] 268a


Yarber 355b Yarber 355b Yarenn 294a Yatesmanock [Jecemenek] 265a
Yatsmanack [Jecmenek] 264a Yeck 290a Yesry or Talny? 350b Yong 299b
Yost 290a Young 296c Young 300a Young 312a
Young 344a Youngerman 274b Yutherlem 334a


Zachary 310b Zachry 309b Zal 348a Zander 322b
Zander 286a Zapp 274b Zapp 287b Zapp 288a
Zappe 290a Zavisch 322a Zimmemann [Zimmermann] 269a Zumalt [Zumwalt] 327b
Zumalt 328b Zwernemann 286b  

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